Ryan Woerner

Staff Writer

I’ve known full well that I’d have to write one of these “goodbye” articles since I joined the masthead as sports editor way back whenever that was. To be honest, I’ve kind of been putting it off for the past few weeks—pushing it to the back of my head and telling myself I’d get it done. I haven’t been procrastinating writing this because I’ve had too much work to do or because it’s my senior year and my work ethic has been leaving my body faster than last night’s Taco Bell. The real reason I’ve been putting this off, as you may have inferred is something deeper than that. The real reason I’m writing this article at 9:30 p.m. on Monday is because…I’ve been playing a lot of NBA 2k13 lately, and I kind of forgot about it.

I’m just kidding, but only kind of.

Every year the graduating seniors pour their hearts, souls and probably a good bit of alcohol into writing their farewell articles. They typically serve as some sort of blend of a “thank you” note, peppered with hints of “I’ll miss you all” and talk of lifelong friendships and what not.

This isn’t really going to be like that. I edit the sports section, not the…emotions section. I don’t have feelings.

I’ll be completely honest, I almost never became sports editor. I know what you’re thinking, “Wow, that would have been unfortunate,” or perhaps more accurately “I didn’t even know you were sports editor until I just read that sentence.” With commitments to other organizations, classes, work, my internship and the interest in keeping a consistent nap schedule, I almost didn’t have time.

But I made time, and I’m glad that I did. Spending about eight hours every Tuesday in the office in the basement of the SMC is eight hours a week that I wouldn’t want back for anything, except maybe, like, $100 or something. During that time I got closer with every single member of the masthead—often times closer than I would have ever wanted. I know things about those people that no one should ever know (I’ll tell you whatever you want to know for $5).

There are plenty of people to thank for everything I’ve taken away from the paper this year. Our advisor Gene Ellis was one of the people who helped me not only in the process of taking over the sports editor position, but every step along the way. At every meeting Gene offered me encouragement, suggestions and criticisms in only the way that he can. Getting the approval of Gene was something that I personally strove for every week. Without trying, Gene made me a better editor and better person. So thanks, Gene.

Maria, Katie, Kelsey, Christine and Rachel deserve a very special “thank you” from me, because week after week all of you put up with my relentless onslaught of absolutely awful jokes, rarely telling me to shut up or throwing things at me or calling me “Ryan Wiener.”

On the completely opposite end of that spectrum, I need to thank Molly Carl and Emily Hepner, both for very similar reasons. You two both did tell me to shut up, called me names and threw things at me, effectively keeping me in check. You guys also laughed at my jokes sometimes, which was nice.

Last but certainly not least is editor in chief Alex “Lex” Geli. Every step of the way, no matter how many times I shouted “Lex” across the office, he would be there to help. For putting up with me—particularly—when we stayed in the same room in the hotel at conference. So thanks, Lex.

So, as my time here at “The Snapper” winds to a close, I leave you with a few closing remarks. I entered the masthead hoping that I’d leave the sports section better than it was when I took over, and, with help from every single member there, I think I was able to pull that off.

I guess I could have been editor of the emotions section after all.