Millersville Increases Tuition for 2015/2016

Aaron Jaffe 
Advertising Manager

MILLERSVILLE, Pa. – The Millersville University Council of Trustees voted on Friday, July 17th to increase the 2015-2016 tuition by 6.8%. This is an $18 increase per credit and a $270 increase for a 15-credit tuition. This increase includes the 3% increase made by the Pa Board of Governors a week ago.

The COT has also voted to continue the per-credit tuition model into a second year.

Dr. John Anderson, President, Millersville University–source:

“Implementation of our tuition model closed our structural deficit significantly (as well as provided substantial increases in student financial aid), with increases in health insurance, pension … and other operational costs,” Dr. John Anderson, President of Millersville University, stated in an email to the University community. “Currently our best estimate is approximately a $2.1 – $2.2 million budget deficit.”

The new tuition model will still need to be re-approved for 2016-2017 academic year.

This increase of tuition is in addition to a 2.5% increase in housing rates, a 5% increase in the general fee, a 1.9% increase in meal plan costs and an added $7 to the semester technology fee. These increases were approved by the Millersville COT in March 2015.

The costs for an average student taking 15 credits breaks down as follows:

  2014-2015(per sem.) 2015-2016(per sem.) 2015-2016(annual)
Tuition (15 credits) $3,960.00 $4,230.00 $8,460.00
General Fee $963.00 $1,011.15 $2,022.30
Housing (double occupancy full-suite) $4,400.00 $4,532.00 $9,064.00
Dining meals (19/week or 250/semester) $2,038.00 $2,325.00 $4,650.00
Technology fee $211.00 $218.00 $436.00
Total $11,572.00 $12,316.15 $24,632.30


There has been no update on the Pennsylvania state budget, and there is no foreseen agreement between Gov. Tom Wolf and the Pa Senate as of yet.

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