MU offers emergency loan

Julia Snyder
Associate News Editor

Financial aid is something that all college students are aware of, even if the process behind it isn’t commonly known.

However, if a loan refund isn’t sent out in time to pay for essentials such as textbooks, Millersville offers a back-up plan: the Student Emergency Loan Program.

This program provides Millersville students with interest- free loans of up to 350 dollars with a repayment deadline of 30 days. The only requirement is that the student must be expecting a refund from their financial aid packet.

This condition is in the best interest of students, said Abigail Gallello of the financial aid office. She also noted that an impending refund is required because the financial aid office “doesn’t want to put a student in a place where they can’t pay.” Be that as it may, these loans are issued on a case-to-case basis. If a student is interested in acquiring an emergency loan, it’d be best to meet with a financial aid representative and have them review a student’s financial aid package individually.

The Student Emergency Loan Program is offered to students every year. The loans, similar to an advancement on the already-expected refund money, are just one of the ways the university tries to ensure that its students are prepared for their classes each year. Forms to apply for a loan are available in the financial aid office in Lyle Hall year-round, and are accepted throughout the entire semester.
However, availability is limited, so interested students should seize the opportunity while it lasts.