Tyler Helsabeck
Sports Writer

When Millersville streaked into the National Semifinal in 2011, some people may have thought that was their best shot at a title. Anyone who believed that can now scratch that belief.
Millersville soccer is off to their best start in program history. The 2015 Marauders have burst into ninth in the country, in a season where they started unranked. Not only is Millersville 9-0-1 (as of October 6) but they also have dominated their opponents this year, outscoring them 24-5 on the season.

Millersville has enjoyed a great team unit this year, seeing solid veteran play and also young talent developing at a fast rate. However, nothing can be written about MU soccer without mentioning the incredible Jaime Vazquez. The senior has amassed an immaculate 12 goals on the season, and if that’s not enough, four of those goals were game winning goals. He is tied for the lead in goals scored in all of Division two.

MU Soccer celebrates a goal. Photo courtesy of MU Athletics.
MU Soccer celebrates a goal. Photo courtesy of MU Athletics.

“As a team, we are where we are because of the effort we put into every training session,” said Vazquez.
Another player who has stepped up for Millersville is Kohl Orner, the goalkeeper. He has an impressive 38 saves, with only five goals allowed on the season. He also has racked up seven shutouts on the season.

Young talent has also been a key component for Millersville in 2015. Freshman Jaxson Burns, and Chase Flickinger have each scored twice for Millersville (Senior Ben Johnston also has scored twice). In addition, Danny Kline, Kyle Finsterbush and Dylan Fogerty have all added a goal. What’s so significant about this? Of the nine Millersville players to score, five have been freshman, proving how great this year’s youngsters have been.

“The team has a lot of great young players,” said Vazquez. “So far everything has worked out great and I think our chemistry as a team is very good both on and off the field.”

Despite the great start, none of it matters if the Marauders don’t make a deep run. They have their sights set high, and clearly have proved they are a team to watch out for as the season winds down.

“Our goals this season are to make it to the PSAC final, win the championship and continue a great run in the NCAA tournament,” said Vazquez. “We set these goals as something we can accomplish; now we just have to go make it happen.”