What are the rules anyway?

Leonard Fournette is an early Heisman hopeful. Photo courtesy of

Sam Valentin
Sports Editor

I am sure anyone who has remotely tuned into any college football game this year has heard the name Leonard Fournette. You know the unstoppable running back out of LSU who is the early Heisman Trophy favorite, but I think the whole country can see why.
Fournette seems to have super powers out there on the turf once the lights go on and the crowd is deafening. That is when he seems to shine brightest. He has three consecutive games of 200 plus rushing yards while adding 11 touchdowns thru four games for the Tigers. He is on pace for over 2,500 and over 30 touchdowns. Those are not typos. His numbers are insane. He is the early Heisman favorite for a reason.

Get ready to watch this kid light it up on Sundays next year. The problem is he is only a sophomore making him eligible to enter the 2017 drafts, not this year. I along with many experts believe this kid is the real deal. He could be inserted into the Miami Dolphins next week and run for a buck and a touchdown. But the NFL rules are that a player has to wait three years after graduating high school before they can be eligible for the draft.

Leonard Fournette is an early Heisman hopeful. Photo courtesy of
Leonard Fournette is an early Heisman hopeful. Photo courtesy of

This whole controversy comes to the limelight every few years due to a freak athletic being held back, such as Jadeveon Clowney. The NBA allows the one-and-done players to run rampant in the NBA so what is the difference? The NBA allows a player to just attend school for a year and become eligible for the draft. I mean some of these kids are NBA ready out of high school so the one-year rule makes sense to me. But making student-athletes wait three years before becoming draft eligible seems kind of crazy. Especially when we are talking about someone with the talents of Fournette.
The kid is a freak on the field. The NFL might never see the talents of Fournette because of that rule. What happens if he gets injured next year since he has to play another year in the college? He loses millions of possible dollars and we lose out on what could be a future superstar.

I never really loved watching Clowney the past couple years with South Carolina and would get upset that he would sit out games or take plays. Now I can say I understand it to an extent. It showed up when the team truly needed him and was saving himself for the NFL. Same thing with Andrew Wiggins, he did not show off his entire repertoire in college just flashes of brilliance while at Kansas. Once again he was saving himself fro the NBA when he was getting paid to showcase his stellar talent.
The NFL and NBA should really be on the same page about eligibility for the drafts. The NFL three-year wait policy though seems ludicrous to me. Something needs to change or I am sure more players will take their future into their own hands.