New meal plan enacted

Julia Snyder
Associate News Editor

Dining Services has altered the meal plan to better fit the needs of Millersville students.

The previous reorganization of the meal plan in the retail dining centers started the semester off with controversy, especially among those with specific dietary needs. The previous plan restricted students to preplanned food combinations in order to use a “meal swipe.” Now, due to suggestions by the Millersville student body, the new meal plan has given students back the ability to create their own meal combinations.

Food items are now separated into three categories; A, B and C. In order to create a meal, students can choose one item from each category. Due to this system, students are now able to just purchase cereal and milk, or three drinks and have that choice be considered a meal. The revitalized plan opens up possibilities for students to work their meal plan around their personal needs or desires. It also ensures that students are able to utilize all of the dining halls on campus.

“I definitely think it puts people at ease knowing they control the combinations again,” said Clare Herbert, a sophomore MU student.

However, student meal plans have not totally been reconstructed. The meals are still available on a blocked schedule, which means that there is no longer a limit to how many meals a student can purchase on their plan in a week. This change is considered a positive, considering that the most students were forfeiting an average of six meals per week, according to Dining Services director Ed Nase. The use of blocking prevents meals from being wasted, which gives more control over their dining habits to students.

Ed Nase paid attention to student input.
Ed Nase paid attention to student input.

Although the changes to the retail dining services grant students the freedom that many of the Millersville community are used to having, it also comes with more responsibilities. Students are encouraged to use Flex dollars when making smaller purchases at retail dining halls in order to recieve the full value of their meals. It also makes keeping track of the number of meals and the amount of Flex left on each individual’s meal plan a necessity. It is possible to keep track of both meal swipes and flex at the counters of the retail dining halls and also on each students Max account.