In Millersville News:
Millersville saw a new president enter in April 2013. Dr. John Anderson took over as the 14th president of Millersville University. He replaced Dr. Francine McNairy. Anderson works to make the university more sustainable. He also restructured his cabinet. Millersville built new suites for its students. Millersville is currently building more suites so that all students will be living in suites on the south side of campus by fall 2016. There were three students deaths in the 2014-2015 school year. The first on campus murder occurred in 2015 with the death of Karlie Hall.

Dr. John Anderson. Photo courtesy
Dr. John Anderson. Photo courtesy

In World News:
In 2005, Spongebob and Youtube became sensations. Taylor Swift became a household name in the middle of the 2000’s–now you cannot shake her off. The Xbox 360 dropped in 2005 and the gaming world was never the same. Apple took a major bite into the technology realm when the iPhone grabbed all of our attention in 2007.
America was ravaged by severe weather when Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy made landfall. Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans in 2005. Sandy destroyed the New Jersey coastline in 2012. Both New Orleans and New Jersey are still recovering from the damaging weather.
The Jerry Sandusky scandal came to light at Penn State University in 2011, opening up the media floodgate in Happy Valley. Penn State received sanctions that have since been lifted. Tiger Woods topped the golf game, but the biggest story took place in his bedroom–when a domestic scandal was uncovered, sending the legendary golfer into a downward spiral. Michael Phelps brought home a record eight gold medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Cannot forget about Carli Loyd and the