Dr. Walter Kreider: Traveler and Snapper Alum

Photo courtesy of Dr. Walter Kreider, Dr Walter Kreider, Snapper Alum, writing for his army newspaper.

Dr. Walter Kreider ’52

From 1948 to 1952, I was a staff member of the Snapper at Millersville State College. As a member of the sports staff I was able to apply many of my ideas, using my previous experience as a member of the Vidette Staff at J.P. McCaskey.
Upon graduation from MSC, I was drafted by the US Army and I received instruction on an artillery base at Camp Chaffee, Arkansas. Later, I graduated from Camp Chaffee Leadership School and was assigned to serve in FECOM (Far East Command). This usually meant having to go to Korea. I arrived first in Japan after spending two weeks floating on the Pacific Ocean and from Japan we departed for Korea. I received a terrific education in South Korea and Japan. When I was offered an opportunity to orient at the military newspaper my hand went up immediately! After a brief interview, I was told that if a jeep picked me up the next morning I would be assigned to PIO (Public Information Office). They asked me what kind of newspaper experiences I had and I told them about the Vidette and the Snapper.
I never saw the sergeant that recruited me but it turned out that I had been reported to TIE (Troop Information and Education). Wow, I finally found a home with TIE and was recruited as a journalist! Our newspaper, “The Front Line” was edited by Sergeant Hickey. I wanted that position when he rotated home, so I really worked on my typing. While Hickey looked toward  his trip home, he raided the general’s liquor closet and drank too much in his celebrations. He was in bad shape and turned the paper over to me. Five days later General Caham informed our captain about the recent changes in the paper and then I was the editor of “The Front Line.” Later, the division needed someone in Seoul to edit the “The Rock of the Marne,” and they wanted me to go to Seoul and edit the newspaper. It was thrilling and both papers won Far East rewards. It was me, the guy from the Snapper who did it.
Now I am a Professor Emeritus from Millersville University. I taught an integrated curriculum at Edward Hand in Lancaster, where we traveled around the world in 180 days and of course had our own 7th grade newspaper. I was awarded Most Favorite Teacher two years in a row in Lancaster Newspaper and Pilot Club contest.  Later on, I taught World Cultures and US History at JP McCaskey and I coached basketball and baseball. Our baseball record still stands. In 1960, I moved to Millersville State College and it was my first year as part-time scout with the New York Yankees.  I traveled to Western Europe with Temple University’s Study Abroad program and since then have traveled all over the world!