Seth Lennon ’06

So, writing this piece is going to make me feel really old. When I first walked into the Snapper office as a wide-eyed clueless freshman in September 2003, I had no idea what I was getting into. I had written here and there on the side during High School but never for a school paper. Within weeks, I was covering the football beat and spending increasingly long hours in the office and becoming well acquainted with Sugar Bowl pizza, the AP Style Guide and developing a disdain of passive sentences.

Lennon photo
Seth Lennon Seth Lennon / Snapper

The hours grew later, the stress went through the roof but the memories that were made in the office still linger to this day. Whether it is staff trips to conferences, finding a way to fall backwards in my chair and almost concuss myself or do a Breaking Bad-esque drop at 4 AM of the DVD containing that issue, some of my best times at Millersville were at The Snapper.

I am lucky to still call many of the people I worked with my friends to this very day. The Snapper also jumpstarted my professional career as I started out right out of college as a freelance reporter for my local paper in Carlisle, PA and somehow found myself working communications for a labor union here in Washington, DC. One lasting memento of my Snapper tenure is my trusty AP Style Guide that has a prominent place on my desk to this very day.

Once in awhile, I look back and wonder how I was able to make it through those occasional 4 AM production days with my sanity intact and then I realize those are the moments that make memories and define you as a person/student/professional. Things don’t always go as planned but its how we adapt that defines us. The Snapper taught me those lessons and I am beyond grateful for that education.