10 Reasons to Hire a Mover

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When moving your household, it can be tempting to consider doing it yourself. Before you make that choice, VA Movers would like you to consider the following 10 reasons for using a professional moving company instead.

#10 Planning

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Planning a move involves more than figuring out how to move things from one place to another. By hiring a pro like VA Movers, you free up your time for planning more exciting parts of your relocation.

# 9: Packing

Packing up every item in your house takes time, effort and know-how. Knowing which kinds of packing materials and containers are best is one small area where professional movers have the edge over do-it-yourself movers.

#8 Loading

Consider the weight of your entire household – if you can. When you move, you have to lift all that weight at least four times: when packing, when loading, when unloading and, finally, when unpacking. If you must store or transfer the load along the way, add in more lifting.

# 7 Vans and Trucks

Unless your household is miniscule, you will need a moving van to get the job done. Small vans do not require a special license, but bigger trucks do. Driving a moving van also involves special driving safety concerns and possibly highway taxes.

#6 Efficiency

Your move is time consuming enough without adding in the safe transport of all your worldly possessions. VA Movers knows the most efficient way of organizing, packing and transporting the contents of a home.

#5 Equipment

Heavy furniture, bulky boxes, art works and electronics all require special disassembly tools, packing materials and moving equipment for safe travel. While you can rent or buy these tools, a professional mover already has what is needed, along with workers trained in using that equipment.

#4 Insurance

When you move on your own, your possessions may not be properly insured for the journey. Professional movers like VA Movers can provide tailor made insurance coverage for your situation.

#3 Stairs and Elevators

Almost every move involves negotiating a few steps or an elevator ride, and this can be one of the most challenging parts of moving large items. Pro movers have this down with trained workers, equipment and experience.

#2 Safety

Beyond the well-being of your back and the safe transport of your belongings, moving a household makes you vulnerable to other kinds of accidents and mishaps along the way. Using a qualified, professional company gives you peace of mind when it comes to the safety of your family and belongings.

#1 Cost

The number one reason do-it-yourselfers take on the job of moving themselves is cost: They think they will save a bundle. But you may be surprised at how reasonable it is to hire a professional to do this job for you. When you factor in all the other reasons for using a company like VA Movers, you can begin to see how you can save money, time and headaches by not doing this job yourself.