Aaron Jaffe
Advertising Manager

Millersville University students have been taking the initiative for every opportunity that comes their way. Thomas Tchistiak, CEO and Founder of Arbiton, is no exception. Tchistiak founded his clothing brand company, Arbiton, in 2013. Since its inception, Arbiton has grown to have an online presence and two series of styles including their Trojan and Classic lines. These lines are only a part of their developing Tchistiak has recently taken on a partner, Andrew Higgins. They have recently been working together to build the brand’s local and online presence.

Currently, Arbiton is only designing and selling t-shirts, however, they plan to expand beyond that into other forms of clothing. Quality has been of the utmost importance to me since starting this company,” stated Tchistiak. “I want everything, from our clothes to the website to be perfect. I’ve done what I can to get there and now it’s time to expand.

This is a huge step in the long journey that lies ahead and I’m beyond excited.” Currently, you can purchase Arbiton clothing on their website, arbitonstore.com, and they will soon be available at select Millersville locations. To shop for Arbiton clothing and to find out more, go to arbitonstore.com.