Tailgating: a tradition tried and true

Sam Valentin
Sports Editor

You can smell the hotdogs and hear the sizzle of the sausage on the grill. The music is loud, but the cacophony of friend’s voices drowns it out. The sound of the beanbags hitting the block of wood is very distinct. The grass is still wet with dew while kids toss around the pigskin acting like they are the quarterback or wide receiver they will be cheering on in a couple hours. This all occurs hours before kickoff on a Saturday morning/afternoon. This is tailgating, which is an important component of the homecoming experience.

Tailgating often incorporates “keg and eggs” as a traditional breakfast for many, and it not just limited to football.
Tailgating often incorporates “keg and eggs” as a traditional breakfast for many, and it not just limited to football.

A traditional breakfast includes eggs with kegs on a chilly Saturday morning. This can only mean one thing- it is a college football Saturday. That is called kegs and eggs and it is fabulous. That is starting the day off right.

At this point tailgating is synonymous with football around our nation. It does not matter what time the game is, there is still going to be a tailgate before or after the event though it is not limited to just football. Many people tailgate other sporting events and concerts. When thinking of tailgating, personal thoughts jump to college football. It would not be a successful day without a tailgate if attending an NCAA football game.

Sports are all about enjoying the day and making memories. It is about forgetting about those daily stressors for a whole day while taking in one of America’s favorite pastime. Tailgating culminates the true meaning of sports and recreations in America.

It brings fans and friends together before or after an event to have a ton of fun whether their team picks up the win or lose. It shows that sport is more than just wins and losses it is about community. It is also about truly having a goodtime away from the grind of the workweek.

Many think tailgating is yet another excuse for college kids to party which in some cases cannot be argued with, but it really is more than that. Tailgating is more than frat boys continuing their binge drinking from last night or students being drunk for over 24 hours. It is a family event. It has something for everybody. The women who do not like sports have food, fun, and friends. The older men who do like sports are in their element with family, beer, and food-maybe not in that order though. Kids have the best of it because they have it all. They get to play with friends and family and more than likely attend a sporting event, which sounds like a fabulous day.

Tailgating comes down to much more than just sports and drinking. It is about community and enjoying oneself before those stadium lights turn on. It is about forgetting all those worries in your life for a couple hours to spend time with family and take in a good ole’ football game. Everyone should experience a tailgate at some point in his or her life, and it will make for a very memorable day.