Letter to the editor

Michelle Perez

This semester, I’ve had the pleasure of working with the 2015 Student Homecoming Spirit Week Committee. Each year the Student Homecoming Committee works tirelessly to coordinate events aimed at engaging our campus with our Homecoming traditions. However, this year we are dismayed by the error made during the announcement of Homecoming court King and Queen during halftime. The incorrect name of the person selected as King was announced. This error, not only kept Sam Brown from experiencing the adulation of a roaring crowd, but also created a situation that cost everyone involved some very undue disappointment.
Because of this, I would like to again publicly apologize to all involved, and their families, for the outcome of this situation.
Throughout the course of the Homecoming Court process, the leadership team worked effectively, following the processes that had been established in previous years. There is no compelling reason for the wrong name to have been called, but the fact remains that this is what has happened.
We are troubled by this unfortunate circumstance and have been taking steps to mitigate the impact on those involved, as well as reviewing the process to ensure this will not occur again.
The students involved proved to be worthy of their membership on Homecoming Court, representing the best of our community. Upon becoming aware of the situation, each student’s first response was to display concern for one another. It is this level of integrity, compassion and strength of character that exemplifies the quality of a Marauder in difficult situations.