Sam Valentin
Sports Editor

Millersville athletics owes a thank you to the meteorology department for being one of the many reasons why student athletes decide to become Marauders.
The meteorology department is very unique to Millersville. It is one of two of the big meteorology schools in the state, Penn State being the other. Meaning if you want to be a meteorology major in Pennsylvania and still be an athlete in college there are truly two options.

“So we are offering opportunities for our undergraduates that are on par with what other schools are offering their graduate students and we have a history of doing this. So this has helped us build our reputation as an environment that has really good value and really good opportunities and has national recognition or national distinction,” Dr. Richard Clark said not noticing the pun in his sentence when talking about how unique the Millersville meteorology program is.

Dr. Clark estimates that about twelve percent of athletes at Millersville are Meteorology majors. The sports represented by student-athletes of the meteorology department are golf, baseball, tennis, soccer, field hockey, and track and field.

Vanessa Hower, a senior meteorology major at MU, is on the Track and Field team. She throws discus, hammer thrower and throws the weight in indoor. So she is throwing year round on top of her studies. The combination of the meteorology and track program made her decision to become a Lady Marauder. She is dedicated to two things, her sport and major.

“Meteorology was the first and foremost [reason], then sports was second,” Hower said about her reasons of attending MU.

Hower even attended a funded research program in Kansas with Dr. Clark among other MU studies this Summer. She even found time to throw while doing that project. She took her hammer out west with her while doing her research.

“I took my hammer with me. You would not be able to do that with every job but you find a way. Where there is a will there is a way,” Hower added about staying dedicated to her craft even while in Kansas.

The dynamic duo of Shannon Weber and Danielle Greene bring a damaging 1-2 punch to the top of the golf lineup, but they also represent the meteorology department when out on the links. Weber, a sophomore meteorology major at MU, was also the 2015 PSAC Tournament Champion. While Greene and Weber anchored the team to an overall team victory at the PSAC Tournament. Coach Scott Vandgrift always jokes that his fabulous charm brings in his recruits but admits that it is normally something else.

“I came to Millersville for meteorology and to play golf. If Millersville didn’t offer meteorology, I probably would not have come here because that was my main focus,” Weber mentioned about her decision to bring her talents to MU. “I needed to attend a university with my major but also one where I could play golf.”

The duo has already greatly helped the golf program but the whole athletics department may owe the meteorology department for some of their success.