Dan and Sam’s sports report

Manning remains the main man in New York. Photo Courtesy of

Sam Valentin
Sports Editor

Dan Zalewski
Associate Sports Editor

Sam: The NFC East is an absolute mess currently. Every team in the division has been on a roller coaster this year starting with the team who are disappointing the most this year, the Cowboys. The absence of Tony Romo has been crucial for the Cowboys down the stretch since they have dropped 7 games with him being out. The Boys future looks bright now that he returns this weekend but it may be too little too late for them. The Eagles have been streaky as best never truly impressing me. The Redskins offense has exploded some weeks with Kirk Cousins under center but other weeks they are scared by the bright lights. The Giants in my opinion have been the best team in the East with Eli Manning putting on a show under center most weeks like when he got into a shoot out with Drew Bees and the Saints.

Dan: The biggest problem with the Giants right now is that Eli Manning is the only weapon that New York has. Cruz is out for the year with a calf injury. Beckham hasn’t played to the same caliber that we’ve seen from him last year. Pierre-Paul hasn’t represented the entire defensive line like he has in years’ past. The Giants are all in on Eli Manning and it frankly isn’t paying off. Even with the issues with the Cowboys and the Eagles, the Giants haven’t been able to take the division by storm. Cowboys have the excuse of injuries. Eagles have the excuse of too many offseason changes. The Redskins have the excuse of chasing the title of worst NFL franchise of this century. What excuse do the Giants have?

Sam: The Giants have Odell Beckham Jr. who has been productive this year that is for sure. He has been a major weapon along with Eli. They put up numbers man. I do not think the Giants have missed Cruz at all this year really. I do agree though the Giants are going to live an die with the way Eli plays this year which makes sense he is the centerpiece their in New York. JPP just recently returned to the big apple so it is a little to early to judge his presence. I think Eli will guide the Giants into the postseason but it may not be the prettiest way. He has been playing better than other years. He could even be a sleeper pick as MVP this year. I mean the Giants were so close to getting by the Patriots this weekend. I take that as a solid lose and a sign of good things. They showed they can play with anyone right now. The Boys have been devastated with injuries Dan. It has been a rough year to even watch them since Romo went down. I am very excited for him to return this weekend and hopefully resurrect the Cowboys season.

Manning remains the main man in New York.  Photo Courtesy of
Manning remains the main man in New York. Photo Courtesy of

Dan: I think that the biggest disappointment this season has been how the Cowboys have handled games without Romo and Bryant. The offense has been surprisingly productive, but it’s been the defense that fell short. With the exception of the Falcons and the Patriots, the offense has managed to stay with their opponents tit for tat. The Giants loss was because of special teams, the Eagles loss was because of soft defense, and the Buccaneers loss was because of a defensive penalty. Now, I understand that the defense has taken hits too. Sean Lee has been out with concussion issues and the distraction of Greg Hardy has, at the very least, distracted the elite defensive end from doing his job, let alone other members of the team. I think that if the defense got themselves better set for the long haul the Cowboys could’ve still been competitive in the division with a 5-4 record. Overall, the division is still far from decided and any team could sharpen up and take the division by storm with a good showing in the second half of the season.