Dan Zalewski
Associate Sports Editor 

Millersville University’s Womens Swim Team is working towards continued improvements over last season. Despite the current record of 2-2 in individual meets, Coach Almoney says the team is “exceeding expectations”. Currently in his tenth year, he stands at the helm of a team that is “well ahead of where [they] were last year”. He believes that the team is unlocking their true potential this season and the continual improvement will reflect positively when the team reaches the end of the season.

Grace Magerr, Marina Barrineau, and Jaime Cessna help lead the swim team. Grace Magerr/Snapper
Grace Magerr, Marina Barrineau, and Jaime Cessna help lead the swim team.
Grace Magerr/Snapper

The team is currently refocusing itself from its most recent competitions. The last two meets have resulted in a two meet slide for the Marauders, the most recent being a 56-139 loss to Bloomsburg. For the team, the next goal is preparing for the Franklin and Marshall Invitational this coming Friday.

Coach Almoney seems confident in his team’s ability to show up and perform. “The biggest thing is that the girls are ready, the coaches are ready,” said Almoney, “We’re ready to roll.” He expects a positive result, and for the swimmers to drop time from their current positions.

Looking ahead, the biggest challenge for Millersville is how fast can they improve. Coach Almoney believes that there isn’t a big competitor that Millersville cannot put up great times against and thinks that the only limit to their domination is how low they can get their times.

While Almoney believes highly in his team’s ability to win, if he had to name a tough competitor looking into the Spring semester, it would have to be East Stroudsburg. “But that’s always a wild meet, so I’m not really worried about that one,” said Almoney in regards to the meet, “That’s going to be a lot of fun.”

No matter whom you consider as the heart and soul of the team, Coach Almoney recognizes that the success of the squad is a team effort. “Most of the team has made a strong impact,” said Almoney, “I think everyone is pretty much ahead of themselves.” He believes that everyone has stepped up to the starting block and helped to improve this team immensely.