Mike Eshleman
Staff Writer

The NFL season is about halfway over and both the Rams and the Eagles are still searching for answers at the most important position on the football field, the quarterback position.

Former Eagles and current Rams quarterback Nick Foles has just been benched in favor of quarterback Case Keenum after struggling in his new surroundings while Sam Bradford has, yet again, suffered an injury. This time it wasn’t his ACL, but rather his shoulder that is causing the problem. But in all honesty, outside of a few flashes of excellence, Bradford has looked mediocre at best.
So when we look back at the trade, who can we say really won here? Quite honestly neither side has “won”. Both the Rams and the Eagles are sporting records of 4-5 but the main difference lies in the fact that the Eagles are still in contention in the NFC East while the Rams are fading in the NFC West and their wild card chances are fading every week. Had Bradford stayed healthy, the Eagles would have kept on going with him at the helm rather than turn to an ineffective, turnover prone Mark Sanchez.

Bradford, quarterback for the Eagles, was acquired in an offseason trade. Photo courtesy of NJ.com
Bradford, quarterback for the Eagles, was acquired in an offseason trade. Photo courtesy of NJ.com

Let’s break down the trade even further by looking at statistics. Through nine games, Foles has posted a paltry touchdown-interception ratio of 7-6 while fumbling the football three times, good for a quarterback rating of 75.9. On the flipside, Bradford has not been much better. He has accrued eleven touchdowns while tossing ten interceptions and also fumbling three times, and now heading into week 11, neither will be starting for their respective teams.

The main tiebreaker in this trade may be the swapping of draft picks. The Rams received the Eagles 2015 fourth round pick and 2016 second round pick while the Eagles received the Rams 2015 fifth round pick and a third or fourth round pick which is dependent on how many games Bradford plays this year. However, draft picks aside, neither side has won this trade thus far considering both teams may be rolling with brand new quarterbacks at the start of the 2016 regular season.

One would have to think if the sides would have been better off sticking with their quarterbacks. Foles had shown enormous potential running Chip Kelly’s offense while Bradford had shown similar flashes in St. Louis under Fisher. There’s a reason Sam Bradford was the first overall pick a few years ago, but so far Bradford has not shown much ability to run Kelly’s fast paced offense and has often looked lost, almost like a deer caught in headlights. Foles’ tendency to turn the ball over has cost him his starting job for the time being. We’ll have to wait until the end of the season to see who got the better end of the deal, but for now, the jury is out on the case of Foles v Bradford.