Sam Valentin
Sports Editor

Millersville and West Chester met in the NCAA Semifinals in another overtime thriller
that was only decided by a goal. It is a fitting end to another chapter of the classic
Shelly Behrens, MU Field Hockey head coach, knew going in that the these playoff
games would be decided by errors and a goal. She predicted it correctly with West
Chester coming out on top 2-1 in a hard fought battle which we have come accustomed
to in this rivalry.

Spatichia handles the ball.  Christine Illes/Snapper
Spatichia handles the ball.
Christine Illes/Snapper

“It was a great game. It was going to be a close game. Played smart and hard. West
Chester took advantage and converted an opportunity. We were creating chances we
just were not converting them. West Chester took advantage of an error in the backfield
and had a good goal,” Behrens said about the NCAA Semifinal game that took place
Saturday in Millersville.
Rachel Toppi, West Chester forward, put in the first and last goal of the game. The
Marauders, Courtney Weaver scored an equalizer in the 43 minute. The Lady
Marauders were under two minutes away from taking the game into overtime penalty
strokes when Toppi put in a breakaway winner.
It was an unfortunate way for the season to come to and end for the ladies but it was an
overall success in the eyes of many as they ended with an 18-3 record.
“What did we finish? 18-3. I think any other coach here would be very ecstatic with that
record who plays in the fall season like we do with the schedule we do,” Behrens added
about her overall thoughts of the season right now.
Behrens talked about needing some more time to truly digest the season as a whole.
She is fine with whoever anyone views the season as a success or not. She uses a
different word to wrap up the season.
“My standards are different. Everyone can have their own opinion. For me i am
disappointed for the kids. But I am not disappointed in them, I am disappointed for them.
There is a big difference. Honestly I thought they did everything they could and then
some. I think we overachieved,” Behrens mentioned about the season as a whole.
The Lady Marauders are graduating four seniors so many thought this was a rebuilding
year for them. Only one was on the field for the NCAA Semifinal game, in Kayla Bixler.
All other Seniors went down with injuries throughout the year.
“I am so proud of them. At the same time I am just gutted for them. We have earned so
many things this year. It is not even disappointing, it is resounding disappointment that I
feel for them,” Behrens added about the seniors.
The 2016 season looks bright according to Behrens who is excited for new signings
coming in who can make an impact. Also most of the team is returning so the mission
has been the same for the many years of competing for championships, it looks very
obtainable for them to win another championship down road.