Myka Relocate establish metalcore relevance with “The Young Souls”

Myka Relocate released the album "The Young Souls" (Photo courtesy of
Myka Relocate released the album "The Young Souls" (Photo courtesy of

Carl Schulz
Staff Writer

On October 30 2015, Houston, TX-based metal core newcomers Myka Relocate released their sophomore Artery Recordings full-length album, “The Young Souls”. The band’s 2013 effort, “Lies To Light The Way”, was praised for its distinctive clashes between gripping unclean vocals provided by John Ritter, bone-crushing breakdowns, and sugary-sweet clean vocals provided by Michael Swank. The band spent much of the summer of this year writing and recording the album, which they recorded with famed producer Joey Sturgis, who has worked with countless bands considered to be top tier within metal core such as “The Devil Wears Prada”, “Of Mice & Men”, “Miss May I” and more. The band released the first single from the record, “New Again”, on Sept. 24, in conjunction with the announcement of the record.

Myka Relocate released the album "The Young Souls" (Photo courtesy of
Myka Relocate released the album “The Young Souls” (Photo courtesy of

This record provides a breadth of maturity from a band with a relatively short resume, which can more than likely be attributed to just natural progression after two years of touring with great bands, as well as working with Joey Sturgis, who is known for driving bands to put out their best material. Vocalists Ritter and Swank clash so well that it’s hard not to fall in love with the dynamic they offer, specifically on songs such as “Hide The Truth” and “Nerve”. This record is also much more meticulously written instrumentally, with greater effort put into crafting melodically-driven guitar riffs, using more clean effects, but without losing the edge of heaviness found in no short supply on “Lies To Light The Way”.

Myka Relocate has the potential to launch into superstardom thanks to this record, which will appeal to fans across the spectrum of the genre, who may be interested in bands like Issues, or the older material of bands like “We Came As Romans” and “Of Mice & Men”. What makes this record so special compared to countless other releases within the genre this year is how genuine the music is, along with the dudes making it. This band has spent the past few years out on tour supporting the likes of “Escape The Fate”, “Like Moths To Flames”, “Attila”, “Texas In July” and more. The hard work they’ve put into spreading their name, along with the dedication of their fans to get the word out about them, has lead to a really spectacular release in “The Young Souls.”

This isn’t a band to sleep on if you’re looking for a band offering a fresh take on metal core, which is a genre rife with bands constantly imitating other bands in a nauseatingly cyclical nature. Give “The Young Souls” a spin and revel in the glory of knowing this band before everyone else does.

Rating: 9/10