Julia Snyder 
Associate News Editor

As technology evolves, professors have been finding innovative way to include the new advances in their coursework. Millersville University offers assistance at the Digital Learning Studio for those who struggle with technology.

The DLS has two locations on campus. The original studio can be found in Stayer, and the second location is in the McNairy Library. There are slight differences between the two locations. At Stayer, students are able to rent out equipment such as video cameras and green screens. However, both studios are available to assist with student projects.

Dr. Oliver Dreon was the original mind behind the DLS. As the project has expanded, Dreon has been joined by Greg Szczyrbak, who is in charge of the library location.

“When I first arrived at Millersville in 2007, I saw that many students were having difficulty completing technology-rich projects for their classes…  I came up with the idea of the “Tech Tutoring Facility,” [which was] modeled after the Writing Center or the Math Tutoring Center.  We decided to name it the Digital Learning Studio to focus on the technological and instructional aspects of the facility,” said Dreon.

Even the small details, like the desks in the DLS encourage co-learning. The desks are shaped in a way to allow more than one person to sit at the computer and demonstrate without taking over the computer completely. The assistance given at the DLS is focused more on the everyday student trying to incorporate multimedia into their assignments.

Greg Szczyrbak described those who work in the DLS as problem-solvers. The students will sit down and help with problems as simple as inexperience with Microsoft Word to editing videos for classes on iMovie. The employees share both a willingness to sit down and figure out issues and an appreciation for enhancing projects through technology.

Those who are looking for help with computer programs, or just a place to appreciate technology will find it in the Digital Learning Studio. The student employees at the DLS are available from 3 – 9 p.m. on Sunday through Thursday. Class assignments are prioritized, but students can also receive help with projects for clubs, businesses and personal interests.