Dan Zalewski
Associate Sports Editor

Millersville University is now the location of an investigation regarding a fraudulent debit card scam on the Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union (PSECU).

Earlier today nine individuals where arrested and charged by Millersville Borough Police in relation to a scam on PSECU ATMs located around the Millersville campus. Eight of these individuals were Millersville students.

Aaron Caple, 24, was the only non-Millersville student involved and is considered to be the ringleader of the scam.

All nine individuals involved were each charged with felony counts of access device fraud among other charges.

Allegedly, Caple convinced these individuals to give him access to their debit cards and pin numbers. Caple then used these students’ accounts to deposit fake checks and immediately withdraw money. The fake check would not process, but at this point Caple and his accomplices already had the money in hand.

Millersville Borough Police have contacted PSECU, who are currently investigating the bank accounts in question. PSECU is currently looking at other suspicious activity on bank accounts of Millersville students.

Current estimates indicate that Caple and the other eight individuals fraudulently withdrew over $20,000 in cash.

For the eight students that currently attend Millersville University, the university is currently reviewing each case. The students will have to face possible disciplinary actions from the judicial affairs board, up to and including expulsion.

The suspects face charges from the federal government and the university. Photo courtesy of WGAL.
The suspects face charges from the federal government and the university. Photo courtesy of WGAL.

The following individuals were charged:

  • Aaron Caple, 24, Philidelphia (non-Millersville student)
  • Quadiar Johnson, 21, Yeadon
  • Alimamy Sesay Jr., 21
  • Briannia Beaufort, 20, Philadelphia
  • Jamecia Miller, 20, Coatesville
  • Nadajah Vickers, 19, Greencastle
  • Aboubacar Doukoure, 19, Philadelphia
  • Sharif Smith, 22, Philadelphia
  • Dwayne Wolfe Jr., 23, York