Sam Valentin

Sports Editor

Last weekend the Northeast was blanketed with some white fluffy goodness from the sky. Well it was a tad more than a blanket. Jonas brought along around 30 inches of snow to campus, which lead to MU cancelling Monday classes and even giving students some time off on Tuesday since the campus opened at noon, hit Millersville. It was a nice break according to most students but many agreed that MU might have opened up the classroom doors a tad too early after the storm.

The parking lots around Millersville were barely opened and the walkways were coated with a sheet of ice but MU still had a normal class schedule after Tuesday’s delay. “ A lot of people were not prepared for it. I was not prepared for it. My car even got snowed in. Some roads are still pretty bad. I think they did the best they could with what they had,” Steve Flanegan said about the snowstorm.

The consensus around campus was that MU opened the doors to early after Jonas greeted us with snow and that a better job could have been done around campus in the snow removal category.

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