Dan Zalewski

Associate Sports Editor

The women’s basketball team has once again come home with the victory, this time defending the home court. The Marauders played host to the Lock Haven Bald Eagles on Saturday in what was predicted to be a close match. The Millersville Marauders went into Saturday’s game without starters Aunjel Van Brakle and Yasmin Cooper.

Each team started with excellent defense, leaving both sides offensively weak, scoring only 15 points between them in the first period. After falling behind in the first period, the Marauders pulled off an amazing second period to lead 28 to 16 by halftime.

The women’s basketball team beat Lock Haven Saturday and faced Ship Wednesday.
The women’s basketball team beat Lock Haven Saturday and faced Ship Wednesday.

The amazing 12 point lead did not come without its share of scares. Earlier in the first period, Millersville’s Athlete of the Week, Celeste Robinson, screened Lock Haven’s ball handler and took a hard shot to the head. Robinson briefly left the court before returning and scoring 15 points, leading the Marauders offensively.

The Marauders’ success was clearly seen in how they handled the ball. The team won the possession battle, stealing the ball away 13 times compared to Lock Haven’s four. The team also minimized their turnovers. Lock Haven didn’t manage their turnovers, committing 24 mistakes during the course of the game.

Beyond Robinson’s stellar performance, another member of the team that helped reduce the team’s first period struggles was guard Shelby Reimer. While concerns for Robinson took her out of the game temporarily, Reimer stepped up to score six straight points and start the Marauders’ rally back into the game.

Millersville’s victory was the fourth straight for the team. The team is third in the eastern division and has a chance to break into playoffs with a good showing down the stretch.