Marie Mosca

Opinion Editor

Last week, a few hours before my classes started, I felt compelled to stop at Sheetz before I headed to campus. I planned on getting some caffeine and powering through some homework before class. My plan was nearly thwarted due to the terrible new MTO user interface. I was not aware at all that the on-screen menu had changed. Most places re-brand and refresh things like their menus and ordering platforms at least once a year. However, I was soon frustrated as there was no clear direction on how to find what you wanted from the menu.
The categories were vague and I ended up clicking through at least four or five things all the way to the point of ordering, only to find that my item was not under that specific path I had chosen. I wanted a simple Vanilla Iced Coffee. I spent about five minutes clicking through the menus with no success of finding my item. Finally, I waited in line to ask an employee for assistance.
It took 20 minutes for the employee to even find where the type of drink I was talking about was, let alone the vanilla version. The employee was constantly apologizing. Finally, I was able to find my coffee and order it in the fashion that I desired. As an art major with a concentration in graphic design, I could not help but be upset as I watched three or four more customers click through the menus and then find the nearest employee to walk them through the new system to find what they wanted.
User interfaces are meant to be built around the user and functionality first, then you make it pretty. Although the new graphics and transitions were nice, the whole system was absolutely impossible for anyone to navigate, making it a total bust for anyone trying to use it. The new system is actually causing major delays in the production of the MTO items because customers have to constantly ask workers to help them find what they need, which completely defeats the purpose of having the touch screen to “speed up” the ordering process. I have never experienced this with any similar system on this big of a scale before.
I sincerely hope the Sheetz user experience designers get their heads together to resolve this issue soon before they see any loss in profits or customers. I, for one, have not been back since and am still miffed they took some of my favorite hot food items completely off the menu.