Dan Zalewski

Associate Sports Editor

The athletic accomplishments of Millersville University athletes has always been a proud part of the fabric that represents our University. The accomplishments of those wearing the black and gold have been displayed proudly by the athletic communications department and this very paper. One organization that is looking to join in on celebrating the Marauder’s abilities is Millersville University television as their newest show, “On Campus”, looks to focus on the sports of Millersville’s campus.

Calen Wolfskill, a sophomore and member of MUTV, is the one leading this shift in coverage for Millersville athletes. He is the producer and creator of “On Campus”, a show that he hopes to add to the staple shows featured on MUTV’s channel 99.1 on campus cable. A former athlete himself, he sees an opportunity to highlight the talents of both these athletes and others at the collegiate level.

“My whole goal for on campus is for it to present Millersville sports to people,” Wolfskill said, “Also to give sports that don’t get a lot of coverage some coverage.”

Wolfskill’s inspiration came from a lack of coverage from MUTV’s current sports show “In the Zone”. “In the Zone” covers everything sports, but with so many national accomplishments taking up headlines, Millersville athletics are often left out. “On Campus” looks to change that.

“On Campus” will also have opportunities that other shows do not have. The local nature of “On Campus” means that Wolfskill will be able to bring Millersville athletes right into the studio for live interviews. He’ll also have the ability to go to team functions outside of just sporting events to capture an angle that others would not be able to achieve.

Calen preps the studio for his show Thursdays.
Calen preps the studio for his show Thursdays.

“On Campus” attempted their debut show last Thursday. “It went fairly well,” the new producer said, “I have a few spots where I need to improve with my directing but overall it went better than expected.”

Despite its initial stumbling blocks, Wolfskill is ironing out its imperfections for this week’s episode. Expanding on his trial run last week, Wolfskill is trying out different elements that he plans to make usual pieces in his show. In this week’s show, he will feature an interview with Celeste Robinson, starter for the women’s basketball team.

“I didn’t like the news segment,” Wolfskill said, “I don’t think I’m prepared for that just yet, so I’m replacing it for now with an interview segment until I’m ready with the headlines segment.”

Taking on the task of creating a whole new show has been time consuming for the sophomore. “The workload of making the show has been a lot with making graphics and getting music and such and I’m still not done I need to make an actual intro and few other things,” Wolfskill said. The new producer has spent a lot more time in the studio this semester than past semester.

“On Campus” is a regularly recorded television show by MUTV within Millersville University’s television studio for use on channel 99.1. “On Campus” is recorded Thursday nights from 6:30 to 7:30. “On Campus” is an open MUTV production and welcomes individuals who wish to help create the show during this time.