Chelsea’s slump continues

Dan Zalewski

Associate Sports Editor

In the Barclays Premier League, one of the teams that you can never count out is Chelsea. However, the usually elite team is having an especially difficult season this year.

Despite winning the Premier League last season, the defending champions are having issues and will have an incredibly hard road to travel to reach the top of the table by May.

The central-London team is currently in the bottom half of the table, as they’ve been throughout the 2015/2016 season. The team is twelfth and have been as low as fifteenth, where they bottomed out earlier in October.

Outside of the Premier League, Chelsea also has to contend with struggling against opponents in the Champions League.

Earlier this week, Chelsea faced off against Paris Saint-Germain in France for the last-16 clash on Tuesday. The club suffered yet another loss on the year, 1-2.

Chelsea manager Guus Hiddink has remained adamantly positive.

“Of course the result is negative on one side but on the other hand it’s also important to have an away goal,” he told BT Sport Europe. “But it hurt a bit at the end because I think the team was playing very decently against a team which has a lot of capacity to play.”

The club did managed to take a stand back at home in the Premier League. Their latest match against Newcastle showed their ability to defend Stamford Bridge.

The 5-1 victory was the first win for the club in three weeks.

The club will have a tough time keeping the streak alive. They face Southampton next on February 27. Southampton hasn’t lost a match since January 2.

Chelsea currently stands at 33 points. That’s 20 points behind table leader Leicester.