Sade Palmer
Staff Writer

It’s safe to say Zoolander 2 didn’t leave fans as happy as expected. In its opening weekend, the comedy bringing in $15.7 million didn’t impress most viewers. Some would say that the sequel didn’t please unlike the original Zoolander, which debut 15 years ago in 2001. Ben Stiller as Derrick Zoolander, Owen Wilson as Hansel and Will Ferrell as Mugatu returns as their recurring roles, Stiller, being the director of the film, and also one of the primary creative forces for it.

Although there’s a list of stars who appeared in the film, such as Sting, Justin Bieber, Kiefer Sutherland, Ariana Grande and more, the film just couldn’t keep the laughter. The movie starts with Bieber having a cameo (first of many celebrity cameos), which was funny and quite nonsensical in a way. He is being chased through the streets of Rome by a character and then shot several times, and dying after a posting perfect selfie with a filter to Instagram. However, as you continue to watch the movie, you begin to lose track of the story, it’s an explosion of ideas floating around.

At one point Zoolander and Hansel are trying to find Zoolander’s son, who was taken away from him because he “couldn’t make the spaghetti soft”, then they’re searching for the person who’s responsible for killing celebrities. What kept the movie slightly funny were the different situations such as Hansel being in a committed relationship with 15 people and impregnating all of them.

The movie makes jokes about fat kids, transgender and ugly people, and it also was a parody of the fashion industry. Stiller’s character being a model who is not intelligent; it’s funny but got boring really fast. There are many moments of humor, but most of the jokes fall flat.

Ferrell as Mugatu escapes from fashion jail with plans to kill Zoolander’s son because he has the blood to the fountain of youth, he has some funny moments but not many. Kristen Wiig, unrecognizably stars in the movie as Alexanya Atoz, a model who has so much Botox injected in her face that almost every word she says is unknown, which is the only thing funny about her character, sadly because she had potential to be an all around funny character.

The amount of cameos in this film is quite absurd, from Katy Perry and Neil Degrasse Tyson appearing in Rome randomly, to Benedict Cumberbatch playing a transgender supermodel. It’s not a bad movie, unfortunately it did not meet its expectations, and after a long 15-year wait it left fans unpleased and disappointed.