Sam Valentin

Staff Writer

Everyone has been thoroughly entertained by Buddy Hield dropping, Dukes demise and rise, and all the upsets that have the rankings changing like the stock market floor before the closing bell. While all that has been unfolding we kind of forgot that the best player this year might indeed miss the big dance in March.

One of the most electric athletes in college basketball this season has been future superstar, Ben Simmons but the nation may miss out on him during March Madness.

I do not know about all of you but I sure as heck want to see the best players play in the biggest tournament possible in college but that does not seem like it will happen for the freshman phenom because he decided to take his talents to LSU.  So is the trophy fish in a small pond not just another fish in a big pond over at Kentucky, Kansas, Duke and the list goes on.

LSU has been inconsistent all year even though Simmons is a double-double guy every night and a few assists shy of a triple- double most nights. LSU would have to win out the rest of their regular season including a game at ranked Kentucky and they would also have to make a significant splash in the SEC tournament. All that still just gets them on the bubble because they would need pieces to fall above them. Major pieces to crumble like a stadium implosion.

Who is to blame that we will not be able to feast our eyes on the best player in college basketball this year during the tourney?

Ben Simmons is a potential first overall pick.
Ben Simmons is a potential first overall pick.

Simmons himself for not going to a bigger school and you could even make the case that he did not takeover enough games for LSU to jump into the tournament.

Nothing against the kid, that is just the way it crumbles down.  I am very high on him thinking he will do great things in the NBA and that there should not even be a conversation about who is the number one pick or player of the year.

Which brings me into my next point.

Simmons should already be given the player of the year award.

It is ludicrous that people are even having a conversation and making a case for anyone else. This kid is the next big thing. He is God’s Gift to college basketball this year.

He gets comparisons to Lebron James but I would say he is more of a prototype of Magic Johnson. He can play all five positions, handle the ball, score at will, and is a matchup nightmare wherever you put him because he is bigger than most backcourt players. He is also quicker and more skilled then most frontcourt athletes so who could guard him?

Lebron. Kawhi. Draymond.

Those are the only players that come to mind. Although you can never truly take Simmons out of the game because he will be there on the glass and will still rack up assists so his fingerprints are always all over the ball at the end of games.

The jumper does need to improve but hey Rajon Rondo has made it this far in the league without a consistent jumper. Simmons can learn a 17 footer over the summer that makes the defense respect it and he will be deadly. He does not need to make it rain from outside either just shoot a meager 20% from downtown to make the defense respect it. Although defenses should already fear and respect the young baller or else he will make you remember the night you played Ben Simmons by putting you on a poster on his way to a triple-double. Just straight embarrassment.

I understand the case for Buddy Hield because he has filled up the points columns a couple nights on primetime television but realize he is just the most skilled player on a very talented Oklahoma squad. He doesn’t do as much as Simmons.

I also see the case for Brandon Ingram because he will be a top five pick for sure if he decides to come out this year. I think he is more competition to Simmons.  He is also a complete player like Simmons who is a freshman. The two actually have much in common but again Simmons stats are just nicer. Granted Ingram’s team is better, too still not enough to make him better than Simmons.

I believe the award belongs to Simmons’s, no doubt in my mind, although I think the award will go to Buddy Hield because he plays for a better team and scores more points which voters love. The award should actually go to the best player in college basketball, which is hands down Simmons.

Now Simmons’s probably reads all the stuff surrounding this competition and the draft while shooting in the gym laughing in everybody’s face since he knows he is going to the next level and will have it all. The NCAA just being a necessary stepping stone for the Aussie.  He will have the endorsements, the big signing bonus, the model girlfriend, and resurrect a franchise so at the end of the day does it matter who wins the NCAA player of the year award this year?

No. It does not because we will look back at this draft in ten years and compare it in awe to the 2006 draft. Simmons will be a superstar by then anyway.