Mickayla Miller

News Editor 

Out-of-state and transfer students may have more incentive to attend Millersville after the passing of a recent proposal that would cut thousands of dollars off tuition for eligible students.

“This plan was proposed in 2012 and put in effect in 2013. Three changes were proposed in January of 2016, which were approved and will be effective for this fall 2016,” said Katy Ferrier, Director of Admissions. She later explained how this plan now reaches out to international students. “[It] allows students to qualify based on their GPA instead of just test scores and/or class rank.”

Since 2013, students have been reaping the benefits of the tuition reduction program, though for incoming freshman, the criteria will be much broader, therefore reaching more students.

The program is done in tiers. “High Achievers Tier 1” offers up to a $5,000 reduction to tuition per year if a student has a combined reading and math score of 1200 on the SAT or 26 on the ACT, and/or has a 3.75 GPA upon enrolling in Millersville.

“High Achievers Tier 2” offers a tuition reduction of around $3,000 to tuition per year if a student has a combined reading and math score of 1000 on the SAT or 21 on the ACT, and/or has a 3.5 GPA upon enrolling in Millersville.

Out-of-state transfer students can receive as much as a $3,000 deduction from their tuition if they have a 3.5 GPA and present a final college transcript from their past college or university.

Due to this program going into effect in fall 2016, students can not retroactively apply for this tuition reduction.

Ferrier and other faculty hope this program will inspire more out-of-state students to apply and enroll at Millersville. The 2015 freshman class had the highest-ever percentage of out-of-state students attending Millersville.

“The university has a long history of providing an accessible, affordable education to students from Pennsylvania… Recently strategic goals include increasing access to out of state and international students,” Ferrier said. “These students are not eligible for Pennsylvania state aid, so this program will help supplement some of the cost of the tuition and hopefully encourage students from more diverse geographic locations to enroll at MU.”