Rugby Heads to Las Vegas

Millersville plans to face the toughest teams.

Jain Coble

Staff Writer

Many students can only dream of going to an exciting place for spring break, but Millersville Men’s Rugby 7’s team is doing just that. March 3-5th, these young men will get to compete in one of the largest collegiate rugby tournaments in the country. The tournament lasts three days, up to six games in total, depending on how well they score in pool play.

Daniel Falcon, captain of the Millersville Men’s Rugby, and 11 of his best players will get an opportunity to play against some of the most well known teams in the nation. The toughest competitors include Saint Joseph’s and Harvard.

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The winning team will get invited to play in the Collegiate Rugby Championship which is held every year in Philadelphia. The championship is broadcasted on NBC and features the best teams in the USA.

Millersville plans to face the toughest teams.
Millersville plans to face the toughest teams.

Never before has the Men’s Rugby club traveled across the country to compete in such a huge tournament. This is a wonderful opportunity for Millersville to gain recognition and become a highly ranked team.

“We want to be the best in country,” Falcon says. “We’ve been working hard.”

The rugby players have 6 a.m. practices multiple times a week, as well as evening practices, often training two times a day.

Falcon takes his responsibility as captain very seriously and implements a vigorous training routine to make sure that the players are in the best shape they can be.

“We’re faster and stronger than ever before,” Falcon says. “We’ve got what it takes. Size, speed, power, skills, those are the things that make up a deadly team.”

The 7’s team is made up of experienced veterans who really love the game. Each player brings a unique set of talents and techniques to the pitch, and when put together they’re a force to be reckoned with.

The Men’s Rugby club held their own 7’s tournament on February 21st as a fundraiser to help pay for the expenses of traveling to Vegas. They won four out of five games, beating great opponents such as University of Delaware (13-12), Temple (24-0), and York College (26-12).

The young men also would like to encourage everyone to come out and support them during their games, which are held every Saturday morning. Furthermore, anyone who would like to join them on the pitch is more than welcome to try out, as they are always looking for new recruits.

Just this year, Millersville University created a website to support the club, which can be found at

With almost 40 years of history, being invited to play in the Las Vegas 7’s tournament is by far the greatest opportunity Millersville Men’s Rugby team has ever had. This experience will truly be a turning point for the players, as well as future Millersville athletes. With proper training, will, and recognition, Millersville Men’s Rugby is sure to go places for many years to come.