Anastasia Muncie

Staff Writer

You glance over and sigh. There was such a deep passion between you, but now it’s out of obligation that you stay. What would you tell your parents? You’ve already talked them up to your friends. You stare at your notes, and think, “I guess biology isn’t for me.”
When you start higher education, you have a wide -eyed wonder of all the possibilities. For those that enter with a major, you dive right into whatever subject you basically think you’ll excel at. It’s difficult because no amount of high school math classes will prepare you for the calculus used in engineering, and then it becomes a matter of sink or swim.
Originally, I was a Spanish major. I was really interested in it and high school, and I became “that person“ that if you needed help with your homework, you can go to me. I loved my first Spanish classes, too. The professors were kind, and I was doing well.
Eventually, the classes felt stagnate, and I was overwhelmed by the amount of things I couldn’t bring myself to care about. This originally started in my literature class. Mind you, I don’t understand literature in English, let alone the metaphorical meaning behind an onion in Spanish. (This is not a joke. We honestly did need to know this for a test.)
At this point, I had already added communication as a major. As a double major, being really interested in one, and just trying to get a B in the other, it became apparent. I fell out of love with learning Spanish.
I used to love watching movies in Spanish and learning new vocabulary. Now, in my free time I read journal articles and books on interpersonal communication through social media.
We all fall out of love eventually, but it’s important know that there is always something out there for you.