Kris Thomas

Staff Writer

The decision and questions surrounding the Eagles offseason moves seem endless. Let’s dive into some of the more prevalent questions during the Philadelphia team. Here’s what I think should be asked and how it should be handled.

Q: Who do you think the Eagles should target in Free Agency?

A: Due to Chip Kelly incompetently replacing the pro bowl players he traded, cut and let walked the Eagles have several holes on offense and still a hole at the Free Safety spot. Reports say they’re interested in safeties Eric Weddle and Eric Berry. Also Malcolm Jenkins is trying to recruit former pro bowl guard and teammate Jahri Evans. Both fill needs that the draft can’t fix at this point. So look out for those two moves this offseason.

Q: How long will it take for the Eagles to be a True Contender?

A:A true contender? Three to five years until they upgrade from Sam Bradford they won’t be able to beat the elite teams in the NFC. The Eagles had a 2-5 record against teams with a .500 or better record. I’m probably the minority that likes the Doug Pederson hire. Andy Reid’s coaching tree has shown a lot of success in the NFL. Their success in the future also rest on the shoulders on Demarco Murray. Murray is the only one on offense that has shown he can carry an offense and the offense will hinge on how Pederson will utilize him properly and also minimizing the turnovers.

Q: What defense will Jim run and who is going to lead the defense this year?

Jim Schwartz will run a 4-3 defense. Schwartz is a better coordinator than head coach so the defense should be much improved especially since they won’t be on the field for 40 minutes like they were under Chip Kelly. Who will lead their defense? Their best player: Fletcher Cox. He’s shown over the past two years he deserves to be mentioned in the same sentence as the Watts and Geno Atkins of the world. Him up front should open things up for Barwin, Curry and Graham up front.

Q: If Sam Bradford isn’t signed, should the Eagles sign a QB in Free Agency, draft one or both?

A: Well I heard the Eagles and Bradford are closing in on a deal (which is a mistake) so I assume it’s only a matter how long before we hear the official word. However if Bradford isn’t signed, Pederson has a strong liking for Chase Daniel. In my opinion, inquire about Robert Griffin III. The thought of staying in the division to get back at Washington might interest him. A change of scenery from a toxic situation is probably what is need to revive RGIII.

Q: How should the Eagles approach the draft?

A: There isn’t a franchise QB in this draft. Just projects and reaches if you are a rebuilding team with a glaring hole at the QB position. If you love Paxton Lynch, Jared Goff or Carson Wentz go for it but be mindful we won’t pick until the 3rd round(thanks Chip Kelly). Best scenario trade back and stock up on picks to fill more holes.

Q: How will Howie’s current stint as GM differ from his first time at the helm? Or will it be the same?

A: Excellent question. It’ll be different but the same if that’s makes sense. Howie Roseman comes from the Joe Banner branch so he knows how to manage contracts and the cap which he’s done a masterful job of doing. However it’ll be different because unlike his time during Reid and Chip in which both have final say when it comes to personnel, Howie has final say on all personnel moves but will consult with Doug Pederson but making the final decision.