Dan Zalewski

Sports Editor

Less than five months after terrorist attacks rocked the city of Paris, France, another attack has again left behind casualties and fear in Europe.

Earlier today three explosion were set off in the Belgian capital of Brussels.

The explosions occurred outside of the Maelbeek metro station and Brussels’ international airport,  Zaventem airport. An investigation is still underway but current reports from Belgium’s state broadcasting service RTBF say that 34 civilians were killed and more than 170 were injured.

Belgium has quickly responded to these events and have already begun to hunt down suspects. RTBF has reported that raids of suspicious homes in the city’s district of Schaerbeek has been underway since 3pm GMT.

Other reports note a fourth controlled explosion occurring at Zaventem airport. The Belgian crisis center confirmed the fourth explosion as the disposal of another suspicious package.

Currently the Belgian authorities are looking for one suspect spotted on CCTV footage in the airport.

The Islamic State has stepped forward, claiming responsibility for the attacks. This is the same group responsible for the attacks in France, Lebanon and Turkey last fall.

Three days of mourning has been called for in Belgium and the country is at its highest alert level.

Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel told BBC that  “this is a day of tragedy, a black day… I would like to call on everyone to show calmness and solidarity.”

Thankfully, Millersville University did not have any students studying or traveling in Brussels at this time

These attacks come just days after Salah Abdeslam, the most wanted man in Europe, was captured in the country.

One Belgian resident, Richard Medic, wasn’t surprised by the attack. “I think, after the Paris attacks, we were assuming something like this would happen,” the Brussels resident told CNN. “And it was a matter of time.”