Register to vote: March 28 is the last day!

Mickayla Miller
News Editor

Are you “feeling the Bern” or are having thoughts of “making America great again?” Vote. All voices deserve to be heard.

Millersville students have many resources on campus and in Lancaster city that will give them the opportunity to register to vote. Photo courtesy of H2Woah! on Flicker (creative commons).

Pennsylvania holds a “closed primary,” which means that a resident of Pennsylvania must be registered to vote before March 28, and, one must be registered as democrat or republican — libertarian, green party and other third-party nominees can not be voted for in the Pennsylvania primary. Voters can only vote for the candidates under the party they are registered under; for example, if one was registered as a democrat, he could only vote between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

A primary, in its simplest terms, is the first process in a set of elections; it determines the final two candidates who will campaign as President. Some states conduct caucuses, which are events that host big meetings of supporters for their respective candidates.

Being away at college can be tough with voting, as one is expected to vote in their local area. However, there are ways around almost every difficulty that voting or registering to vote could bring.

In Lancaster County, one can register to vote in the following ways:

  • In person: Visiting the Lancaster County Voter Registration office, located at 150 N. Queen St, Suite 117 in Lancaster city.
  • By mail: Visit to be taken to the needed documents; print them, fill them out and send them to the Lancaster County Voter Registration office.
  • Online: Visit to send in an online registration.

The last day to register to vote is Monday, March 28.