Wedding Singer leaves audience laughing and singing

The musical was student directed. (Allie Remis/Snapper)

Rachel Umile
Contributing Writer

The Wedding Singer, which is based off of the 1998 film, is about Robbie Hart, a wedding singer, and Julia Sullivan, a waitress, who end up falling for one another. Of course what would a romantic comedy be without a few ups and downs leading to the big finale, and that is what the entire musical leads up too.

Christian Kriebel, who deserves a huge round of applause, directed this production. The Wedding Singer was an excellent production and Christian was a huge contributor to making that happen.

The musical was student directed. (Allie Remis/Snapper)
The musical was student directed. (Allie Remis/Snapper)

Everything about this production was great. The stage was beautiful and you could definitely tell a lot of work was put into creating all of the set pieces. The stage really helped capture the idea of how everything was supposed to look.

The music was also amazing. The band hit every note correctly, no mistakes. They made this production a musical and it could not have happened without them.

The costumes perfectly captured the ‘80s look needed for this production.

While everyone involved in this production did a fantastic job what really pulled it together was the excellent selection of actors. Auditions for The Wedding Singer were held in November, one audition for singing and one audition for dancing. After those auditions, the perfect cast was chosen. Colin DiLucido as Robbie, Victoria Gold as Julia, Jeremy Hammer as Sammy, Cecilia Cooper as Holly, Alex Barnett as George, Sydney Sniezek as Rosie, Cara Clase as Linda, Grant Carlton as Glen, Skye Hewish-Schmid as the Clerk and then everyone in the Ensemble. Every single one of them captured their character perfectly.

This is no surprise because, according to Stage Manager Amanda Piergallini, they rehearsed until perfection.

“We rehearsed Monday thru Thursday from 6-9p.m. and then over spring break we had 12 hour rehearsals,” Piergallini says. “Then during show week we rehearsed with everyone Monday to Wednesday from 5:30p.m. until we finished.”

All of those rehearsals were definitely worth it because the final production was absolutely perfect. The Wedding Singer was an exciting student musical with a talented cast that carried the show well. This musical left the audience laughing in their seats and singing and dancing as they left the theater.