Mary Raucci

Contributing Writer

With graduation right around the corner, many students are frantically applying for jobs and investing time into their post-college plans. Luckily, Millersville University hosts an annual event that provides opportunities to network with a variety of professionals.

The spring “Job and Internship Fair” assists undergraduates and alumni in gaining experience in their perspective fields and establishing business relationships. This year’s fair featured over 100 employers recruiting interns, part-time and full-time employees. Among these employers were representatives from the Lancaster Early Education Center, the Pennsylvania State Police, WGAL-TV, and State Farm Insurance.

“I like how there were such a large amount of companies there that we could talk to,” Millersville University student, Brittany Wier said.

The fair was held this past Thursday. Over a span of six hours, participants had the opportunity to venture through the Marauder Courts and approach any companies they had an interest in. Students were encouraged to put their best foot forward by wearing business attire and bringing multiple copies of their resume. A LinkedIn Headshot Photo Service was also available during the event.

While students enjoyed the Job and Internship Fair, some said there were looking to see some potential changes in the future. Many students are looking for more assortment when it comes to the employers who visit the fair.

“I would change the diversities of the companies,” Wier said. “Most of the companies were looking for business majors.”

Public relations major Abbey Patterson agreed. She suggested that having a guide to the companies based on major and the employees they were seeking would be helpful. She also felt the number of companies was down from past years.

“It wasn’t super helpful to be honest,” Patterson said. “It’s been very helpful in the past years though, this year there wasn’t a whole lot of businesses I was interested in.”

Although there were some critiques, the spring Job and Internship Fair can greatly benefit Millersville students and alumni. For some, it can lead to an internship or job offer.

“I got an interview because I went up to the guy at Turkey Hill booth and just asked what kind of jobs he had in communications. Then we just got to talking and I gave him my resume and did a sort of mock interview right there and he asked me if I was free next Friday to come in for a real interview,” Wier said.

For others, it can be a way to get more practice when it comes to talking to employers and creating connections that can benefit them in the future.

“I think it’s important to have a job fair because it provides a lot of internship opportunities for underclassmen and good job opportunities for seniors,” Patterson said. “It gives you real potential for networking and at the same time it helps you learn how to speak and interact