Julia Snyder

Associate News Editor

Millersville University President John M. Anderson has implemented a new forum to address students and their concerns on a more personal level. Campus Conversations, an opportunity to sit down with the president and participate in a literal conversation, is a new, semi-regular occurrence on Millersville’s campus.

Campus Conversations is typically held as a common hour event in order to allow students and faculty the chance to attend without missing classes. Though it is an open event, not many people were in attendance at the last conversation. Those who did attend the event represented the myriad of people found in the Millersville Community, including; faculty members, non-traditional students, SOLA representatives, students from the LGBT community and those who were just interested in finding out what Campus Conversations was truly about.

The conversation itself covered a variety of topics. President Anderson encouraged everyone to join him in a circle of chairs, and began the conversation by asking a question of his own. The event was informal and everyone’s opinions and comments were treated with respect.

There was no specific direction to the conversation, and topics were addressed as they were brought up. Students were able to inquire about specific policies as well as concerns with their individual educations.

Jennifer Hart, Administrative Assistant, was also involved in the previous Campus Conversations. Hart made sure to make notes of students comments that could potentially be useful, and also agreed to email those who required more information. The Office of the President ensured students that the issues they were addressing would not just be left at the door; the issues that were important to students were being heard.

The opportunity to speak directly with the president of a university is not something that is offered universally. However, this type of forum is beneficial to all those involved. The Office of the President gains access to the student body in a much more informal fashion. Students gain answers to issues that they may have been struggling to solve through email chains. This resource opens the channels to collaboration and problem solving in ways that may be typically closed to university communities.

Campus Conversations are currently being promoted through email blasts. However, one of the topics of the previous conversation included how to promote the events in order to reach a wider variety of the Millersville community. For more information on Campus Conversations, contact the office of the president at mupresident@millersville.edu