Phil J. Romansky, Jr.

Staff Writer

Nine handsome gentleman painstakingly pleased a packed audience Thursday night, in the hopes of taking home the title of “Mr. Millersville.” The word ‘competitive’ doesn’t come close to describing the contestants’ vigor, for lack of a better word it was something more along the lines of… primal.

PRSSA’s much anticipated event is more than a cupped waving hand, it’s an event that highlights the incredible organizations that make up our campus. Mr. Millersville’s campy atmosphere is gracefully complemented by both student involvement and campus pride.

These Marauder alpha-males joked, rapped and sang their way through the decades. SOLA, Best Buddies, MUTV, Citamard, Men’s Tennis, Millersville Concerned Men, WIXQ, UAB and NBS were represented in this year’s competition.  Each were judged in three categories based on Costume, Talent and Presence & Presentation.  Among the judges were Dr. Bill Dorman, Dr. Thomas Boyle, and Ms. Kathie Giorgio as well as last years’ Mr. & Mrs. Millersville, Juan Surinach and Olivia Brill.

“The talent particularly was much more impressive than previous years,” said Boyle. “The guys certainly took things to another level.”

Here’s a run through of the acts, in case you missed it.

UAB’s iron-tongued Noah Yasinski ate an entire lemon, rind and all, in less than 30 seconds (22 to be exact) without even a single pucker.

Citamard’s Mike Garland’s smooth baritone voice swooned ladies of all decades, as he sang a ballad from the Newsies. “Headlines don’t sell papes, newsies puns sell papes.”

Best buddies’ Jack Heinly, from Upper Darb, was ready to chill as the prince of the “Ville.”

WIXQ’s Curtis Silverwood taught us how to bake Gingersnaps on a skillfully edited cooking video, then shared the finish project to the audience. “The first and most important step,” Silverwood explained, “is to pour yourself a glass of wine.”

Mr. Millersville Concerned Men, and local apple sympathizer Comedian DJ Lewis, showed the audience the “Cellphone Macarena” and reminded us that even if you get kicked out of a party, you can always call the police.

Mr. NBS, Ian Roth preached the gospel for his talent. Reading his sermon from a sartorial Psalms. “Behold said the LORD, a carrot for it is orange.”  And they onto the LORD, “How the hell did you do that?”   

Mr. People’s Choice, Eli Brill uncycled his way into the hearts of audience members with an act suited for the circus. Brill however, was not clowning around, this two-time national flatland unicyclist represented MUTV and was clearly a highlight of the evening.

Mr. Tennis’ Tony Jadas, aka “Tennis Tony,” tenaciously tested his tongue by basically bombarding     Blackalicious’ Alphabet Aerobics.  This feat among other high scores landed him a runner-up sash.

And lastly, your Mr. Millersville Nate Heater, completely obliterated the minds of the audience with his impressive David-Blainonian magic.

Nate Heater won Mr. Millersville as the representative for SOLA. Photo courtesy of Phil J. Romansky, Jr.
Nate Heater won Mr. Millersville as the representative for SOLA. Photo courtesy of Phil J. Romansky, Jr.

It was a seamlessly entertaining evening thanks to the work of PRSSA.

Project Coordinator, a humble Megan Stevens, only had words of gratitude Thursday night. “Thank you to all of my PRSSA ‘babes,’ general members, our faculty advisor Dr. Boyle, Mackenzie King, MUTV, Joe Gratz, Sarah Tyler, Tech Ops, and our Production crew for all of your great energy and good vibes! We could not have done it without you!”

It was sincerely a wonderful evening, a certain must for any Millersville Man who thinks he’s got chops.

A glowing Nate Heater said, “It was a great show, everyone should be proud.”

Keep on the lookout for MUTV’s sister event Miss Millersville this April 14 in Marauder Courts.