Kelsey Bundra

Millersville University Police Department will be participating in St. Baldrick’s this year in memory of Livvy Lynch.
Lynch’s parents, Kelly and Paul graduated from Millersville in 2002. The team is named Millersville Marauders For Livvy. The event is at Annie Baileys Irish Pub on Saturday, April 9 at 11a.m. to 6p.m.

MU students interested in donating to St. Baldrick’s can join the MUPD at the event hosted at Annie Baileys, or they can also go to St. Baldrick’s website and search for MU’s team. (Photo courtesy of Wikipedia)

The St. Baldricks foundation sets up donations in order to combat childhood cancer and provide money to survivors. Those participating gain donations by promising to shave their heads. Participants are not required to shave their heads in order to donate.
“There are women that shave their heads too. They usually make more money than the men,” Chief Ander of MUPD said.

Anders is the team captain of Millersville Marauders For Livvy. Anders wishes to recruit others on campus to donate or shave their heads for this cause. Since Anders has been a part of MUPD, they have participated in St. Baldrick’s every year. Billy Onemaker of Blue Rock Fire Rescue started the communities’ participation in St. Baldrick’s.

People can participate by donating to the cause on the St. Baldrick’s website. Those wanting to donate can search for Millersville and find the team name. They can also join MUPD at the event hosted at Annie Baileys.
“Cancer affects most of us,” Anders said. Anders went on to say that he has lost numerous friends from the disease, including some that were on the force with him.

This is not the only charity event that MUPD participates in. Every year, MUPD has held a fundraiser for the Special Olympics. They often wait on tables in the summer along with other local law enforcement to help send the Special Olympians to Penn State. They raise around $2,000 to fund these Olympians dreams.
Funding pediatric cancer research is important. According to the St. Baldrick’s website, four percent of federal funding goes to pediatric cancer research.

In the US among children, the mortality rates for cancer are higher than any other disease.
“Before they turn 20, about 1 in 285 children in the U.S. will have cancer,” St. Baldrick’s website stated.
St. Baldrick’s is the biggest non-government funder of pediatric cancer research.