Passing on the torch

Dan Zalewski
Sports Editor

Mulrooney plans to gain more underwriters for WIXQ and increase the inclusion of community news on air. (Dan Zalewski/Snapper)

A ritual part of most organizations on campus is deciding which few students will carry on the torch of their organization in student leadership. At WIXQ, the station manager who will run and lead your number one source for music has been decided.

Priscilla Mulrooney, a junior broadcasting major, has been announced as the 2016-2017-station manager at WIXQ.

“I’m really excited for the opportunity,” said Mulrooney, “It’s something that I’ve wanted for a while.”

Mulrooney has not officially taken over for this academic year’s station manager Curtis Silverwood, but is preparing to take the reins.

Mulrooney was not always a broadcasting major, but after making the recent change into the communication field she saw her current involvement with WIXQ as an opportunity to not only better herself professionally, but also make a difference by improving the station that is a defining characteristic of the Millersville campus.

Mulrooney has already taken stock of where the station is currently and where she wants it to reach by the end of next spring semester.

“My main goal is improving the relationship [between] the station and the campus and the community,” said Mulrooney, “I feel like more students need to be aware of what’s going on here at WIXQ because we are a really great organization and we also have a lot of community listeners so I like to reach out and engage them further.”

Priscilla Mulrooney will be replacing Curtis Silverwood as the new station manager for WIXQ. (Dan Zalewski/Snapper)

Mulrooney plans to reconnect WIXQ with the students of campus by continuing some of the events that the station has currently.

“I want to do things … to gain awareness on campus so that we’re seen more,” Mulrooney explained, “If we’re seen more on campus we’ll have greater attendance for some of the events and fundraisers that we do.”

Mulrooney wants to reach out to local businesses in order to seek more underwriters for the station and also wants to advance the news effort that comes from WIXQ in order to further engage the community.

So far Mulrooney is not the only WIXQ council member who has been selected to carry the torch next year. Other announced positions include John Jones who was selected to be the program director next year, Nicole Carrera who was selected to be the next operations manager and Kristina Diefenderfer who will be WIXQ’s next music director in the fall.

As for the rest of the counsel positions, the members of WIXQ will vote on those decisions today, April 7.