Marie Mosca

Opinion Editor

North America has waited three years for the browser and mobile game Kingdom Hearts Unchained X to be released with much anticipation. It has finally arrived! The new game is the eighth installment in the Kingdom Hearts series and was created by Square Eniz and Success Corporation. Players can enjoy creating their own keyblade wielding avatars through worlds inspired by Disney classics, and fighting enemies and bosses either alone or with friends. There are some new worlds included in this game that have not been included in any other Kingdom Hearts game so far, which is pretty exciting! The game is said to be set before the keyblade war, making it a prequel to the entire series, and will give important backstory for the upcoming console game Kingdom Hearts III. Players control their avatars who join one of five factions led by keyblade masters squabbling for control of the remaining light in their existing worlds. The five factions include Anguis, Ursus, Leapardus, Vulpes and Unicornis.
So far in what I have experienced playing it, there are over 200 quests to be completed in the main storyline, as well as event quests that are only available on particular days of the week, and some special quests made for dropping rare items and leveling up your equipment and gaining avatar coins to buy cool new outfits and hairdos for your character. Players who downloaded the game the day it was released are receiving extra jewels, which are used as another form of special currency within the game, each day for five days. For a limited time, the quests are costing half of the normal AP, which is required to start any quest in the game. You can either wait and recharge your AP when it runs out, or use some of the many in game micro transactions to buy jewels to purchase more AP.
The game was released for browser, IOS, and Android, and is free to download. The only paid part of this game would be if you choose to make any in game micro transactions, but you really do not usually need them at all. One of the new features I found super exciting about the game was that it has multiplayer features, allowing you to make parties with friends who share the same faction, and even connect with Facebook. Going at the quests alone is not an easy feat. It is best to try and get some players in your faction to join a party with you ad get their assistance with some of the higher level quests. There is also a nifty little chat function that has cute stickers featuring characters from previous games with silly little phrases, sort of like emojis. The gameplay works sort of like a previous game in the series, Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, where the player has a limited number of attacks. Instead of Cards like in Chain of Memories, the player utilizes medals, and can upgrade and evolve them to make them stronger. You can also upgrade and strengthen your keyblade alongside these medals.
The only thing I would say I dislike about the game so far is that the Boss Raids have a time limit. Once the boss is revealed, you only have around eight minutes to defeat it before it disappears, and you lose out on all the cool items. This usually results in me dying a bunch of times trying to beat a boss by myself, and having to buy more AP with my jewels to keep trying to defeat it before it disappears. Other than that, I am thoroughly enjoying being able to play one of my favorite game series on the go wherever I am. Hopefully, I do not run out of levels or upgrades anytime soon!King