Kat Wible

Staff Writer

Since the last time we spoke of the infamous Team Meal Plan, they were 0 and 1, having only lost that one fateful game to the Pounders. Team Meal Plan has had 3 games since then. I bring some good news, they got one win. How they did it, well… you’ll find out. Just be proud of them, okay? Remember Roth said 80 percent of them never touched a baseball before.

Due to intramural rules, the teams had to finalize their roster. Two freshmen didn’t make the cut. One has a newspaper to work on and the other one, well, he’s just a punk. First basemen Hunter was replaced by the director of actual Meal Plan, Ryan Schmucker. It turns out that Schmucker is more athletic than we expected. This guy doesn’t just write tv shows, he makes plays.

Game two had a spicy double play. Second base lady Haley Dennis caught a ground ball and threw it to short stop Ian Roth, who then majestically leapt over the runner who was going for third, getting the first out. He then fired an arrant throw, where Schumcker finished the sick double play. Later in the game Schmucker continued to show off his athleticism by diving and catching a ball. Like a golden retriever jumping for a Frisbee, his golden locks tossed under the field lights. What a dreamboat. It almost makes up for his really bad show.

In that moment, Meal Plan was ready to get drafted after that, it was so legit. Many of the players of Team Meal Plan got on base this game. Shortstop Roth hit a homerun. The team scored 3 runs by the end of the game, which almost resulted in a tie. A switch in positions was made, landing little Rachel Baker behind home as the catcher. Coach Engel said he could’ve thrown a ball into home and got the opponents runner out, but it would’ve killed Rachel. He was fine with the 3 to 4 loss.

Game three resulted in another slight trampling, with the final score coming out to 0 and 14. However, there was a smaller victory that night. The blokes of MUTV managed to film PRSSA’s Mr. Millersville event and tear everything from the shoot down in record time in order to make it to the 11pm softball game ten minutes early. It took like half an hour. Now that’s what I call teamwork. Meal Plan also had some fans in attendance at this game! People’s Choice winner Eli Brill and his girlfriend came out to watch and support. The team had a lot of fun despite the final score.

Now, I’m sure by now that you’re itching for the details about Meal Plan’s first win. Honestly, it was raining and the other team forfeited. Meal Plan didn’t even need to sign up. But they got that W! #winning

Meal Plan’s season is far from over so you can expect more updates in later issues. Ryan Schmucker is also filming the second episode of Meal Plan but… that’s another story.