FUSION steps their way to National Championship

FUSION practiced every day before the competition. (Maggi Mumma/Snapper)

Maggi Mumma
Contributing Writer

On Saturday, FUSION took home the trophy in the collegiate league of the National Step Association all the way from Memphis to Millersville. FUSION, translated as “For Us Stepping Is Only Natural,” is a Millersville University organization founded in October of 2013 by three members, Tatiana Baker, Anyae Broomer and Cherelle Dessus.

FUSION won a trophy in the National Step Competition (NSA) in Memphis, TN. (Maggi Mumma/Snapper)
FUSION won a trophy in the National Step Competition (NSA) in Memphis, TN. (Maggi Mumma/Snapper)

“We thought there should be a step team on campus. Now, two and a half years later we all became a family. It has been so much fun,” said Cherelle Dessuss, a cofounder of FUSION. They host events like FUSIONfest, FUSION Step Explosion, and FUSIONs showcase and cookout. Make sure to look for their flyers around campus and get out to the national champions’ showcases.

“FUSION has come such a long way since we were founded in October 2013. It’s only up from here,” said Anyae Broomer, a cofounder of FUSION, regarding the outlook of the future for the organization.

The hard work and dedication by this group of the sixteen college students paid off as they flew to Memphis, TN, where the National Step Association (NSA) hosted their seventh annual National Step Championship.

“This was the first year the NSA included a collegiate division. There were a total of eight divisions,” said Cherelle Dessus.

FUSION has performed at many places before. Last year, FUSION won a competition at Drexel University. Whenever FUSION is performing they always ask any judge or even person in the audience to give them some feedback on how they can do better next time. Their dedication and commitment is impeccable. Their national title is rightly deserved.

“Leading up to the competition, we practiced everyday, but we normally have practice a total of three days a week,” said Nishay Jackson, a member of FUSION.

The routine they have been preparing all semester had a step theme of “The Wiz.” This theme used the same characteristics as The Wizard of Oz, but had a few twists in the plot. Instead of trying to get home, Dorothy, played by Jalonda Harris, wanted the trophy from the Wiz, played by Yvette Wallace. The eleven munchkins helped Dorothy make her way to the trophy.

FUSION practiced every day before the competition. (Maggi Mumma/Snapper)
FUSION practiced every day before the competition. (Maggi Mumma/Snapper)

Two members were arriving later than the others since they were involved in the Fashion Show on campus Friday night. When flying out, these two girls experienced that nightmare people are always frightened by: Their luggage was left behind at a layover. While their luggage was left in Charlotte, NC, the girls arrived in Memphis and made the most of it. Dorothy and a munchkin were without costume. Therefore, all of the FUSION members had to improvise their costumes. Each stepper wore one sock instead of two, a black top and the uniform shorts or the uniform top and black tights. Despite their improvisation, the team still got an “A” for their costume!

“We were just so ecstatic we could not believe it. We ran to the stage we all just had big smiles on our faces and couldn’t wait to hold the trophy! The trophy is so huge!” said Nishay Jackson, sophomore at Millersville University.

FUSION and the Millersville community were all rejoicing when they found out the group won the championship title.

“Blood, sweat and tears man! We worked so hard for this and we did it! We brought the trophy home!” said Shatae Pugh, the president of FUSION.

If you would like to watch FUSION’s pervious performances, most of them are available on YouTube.