Taylor Cole
Staff Writer

This past Saturday, Bible Campus Ministries (BCM) took Millersville students to one of Lancaster’s most well known attractions, the Sight and Sound Theater, to see this year’s show; “Samson”.

Since July of 1976, Sight and Sound Theater puts on incredible shows that people from all over the United States come to see. These shows are dramatized visual performances of common Bible stories. Sight and Sound Theater’s mission is to present God’s word through these performances and encourage others to take advantage of their God-given talents.

Bible Campus Ministries hosted the trip. (Taylor Cole/Snapper)
Bible Campus Ministries hosted the trip. (Taylor Cole/Snapper)

Sight and Sound Theater’s past shows include depictions of stories of Jonah, Joseph, and Noah. In addition, around Christmas, the theater presents The Miracle of Christmas, a production dramatizing the birth of Jesus Christ. Typically, when the theater comes out with a new production, the show will be shown in the theater for the majority of the year. This year’s production, “Samson”, showed the life of the true Biblical superhero.

Samson is a Hebrew who has a special gift: incredible strength. With his strength, he slays lions and defeats entire armies. However, in order to keep his God-given gift, he must follow the rules, which include not having contact with the dead, not drinking alcohol, and, most importantly, not cutting his hair. When Samson becomes an adult, he begins losing sight of what’s most important, following God’s word. He starts to travel down a dangerous path of sin. This could mean potentially losing his gift. Can he turn things around? Or has all hope been lost? The only way to find out the answer is to go to Sight and Sound Theater and watch this amazing production that literally brings the house down.

Each show takes about two to three years to actually premiere. This allows enough time for drafting, rewriting, choreography making, score writing and pretty much anything else that goes into a major production like this to fully develop.

It makes sense for the show’s creation to take this long because of the extensive detail that goes into it. The intricacy of the sets is phenomenal. The theater uses real animals such as llamas, horses, pigs, and dogs to add flare. These animals are very well trained, running along the stage without a leash or accompaniment to their specific stage spots. Actors and animals run throughout the aisles, making the audience feel as if they are a part of the story. No matter where a person sits in the audience, he will have a great seat. The set extends off the stage onto the surrounding sidewalls and into the actual audience.

It truly is a sight to see” (no pun intended)

Visit Sight and Sound Theaters to see this phenomenal production of the well-loved Bible story Samson, playing throughout the end of Dec. 2016.

Bible Campus Ministries, hosts of this amazing trip, meet every Thursday at 7:30p.m. in SMC 202.