Dan Zalewski

Sports Editor 

The annual Admitted Students Expo once again brought hundreds of wide-eyed prospective high school seniors to Millersville University as the students are narrowing down which source of higher education is best for them.

The expo had many of the familiar pieces that current Millersville students are used to seeing during expos and open houses; cars honking, SHARP members lining the streets, that one guy who always has a megaphone. One sight, however, was far less common for the spring event.


Millersville University was the victim of a late April Fools Day prank by mother nature when it started snowing Saturday morning.

However, like the true Pennsylvanians that we are, Millersville did not let that deter them from continuing with the expo.

One of the first stops that all students made was to their department’s building. For the communications students, that was Hash Hall. There students got a chance to better understand their choice of major from two faculty members, Dr. Robert Spicer and Victor Capecce.

The university’s event not only offered students the opportunity to talk to professors and view the state of the art facilities, but created a buzz within the future freshman class.

Out-of-season snow didn’t stop potential students from visiting Millersville. Photo courtesy of Dan Zalewski.
Out-of-season snow didn’t stop potential students from visiting Millersville. Photo courtesy of Dan Zalewski.

Opportunities for engagement outside the lecture hall was a big question for admitted students. Many of the campus’ clubs and organizations took time Saturday to lay that question to rest in many students’ minds by displaying everything that their club has to offer in the Atrium of the Student Memorial Center.

Another key part of the admitted students expo was the food. For most of the students it was their first opportunity to taste some of the offerings at our dining halls.

Each student and parent was given a ticket allowing them access to either the North Side Bistro, the Galley or the Upper Deck. For the Philadelphian students, it was their first opportunity to see if a Galley cheesesteak held up to the true Philly standard.

While most had their lunch in the standard dining halls, others got the chance to attend a separate event over lunch. The University sponsored a luncheon focusing on students of color at Millersville University.

Minority students make up 20 percent of all students on Millersville’s campus and Saturday’s event was a way to welcome these students and encourage them to make the most of their opportunity here at Millersville.

The luncheon featured guest speakers, including the President of Student Senate, Christian Copeland. Previously the president of the Black Student Union, Copeland spoke about the hardships that he endured and how Millersville gave him the opportunity to succeed and strive for a better life.

“Being able to meet the students, see what schools they want to go to,” Copeland continued, “I want to see what their goals and aspirations are. That’s the best part.”

After the tours and events concluded, admitted students returned home with more information to consider before making their final decision on which college to attend in the fall.

The event was the first for new SHARP member, Matt Crawford. “I think it went it pretty well,” said Crawford, “We had over 850 admitted students show up. We had a table set up at the activity fair for students to pay their deposits right then and there. It always seemed like that table was surrounded by kids that we’ll see next year.”