N’Dea Gavin

Contributing Writer

The traditional four or more years of hard work and dedication is finally paying off for the upcoming graduating class of 2016.  With just a little more than three weeks until the big day, seniors are working diligently to complete the final stages of their undergraduate requirements. After May 7, possibilities will come into fruition for the graduating class of 2016. Until then, seniors are making plans to begin their days of Millersville University alumni.

It has been determined that Mr. Guido Pichini, president of WSK and Associates and chairman of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE), will be the keynote speaker for Millersville University’s class of 2016 commencement this May. Pichini attained his undergraduate and graduate degrees in education/political science, as well as public administration at Kutztown University. The PASSHE chairman will be accepting an honorary doctorate from Kutztown for his years of service to the state system and Kutztown University.

“He is a very educated, humble, well-spoken individual,” says Christian Copeland, president of student senate and graduating senior.

Copeland is a Speech Communications major, concentrating in communication studies. Even though he has already been accepted to Boston University, his plans after graduation include choosing the perfect graduate program to attend from his list of choices. The hardest thing for Copeland to leave behind after graduating will be some of the people he met throughout his years at the ‘Ville.

“I’ve built so many great relationships, and met so many people here who’ve changed my life forever, plus some individuals who I’ve encountered have motivated me to be the best individual I can be,” said Copeland.

Through the years, Copeland has dedicated his free time to many organizations on campus such as NAACP, A.R.T., B.S.U., Multicultural Outreach Team, Millersville Concerned Men (M.C.M.) and many more. Some of the most influential members of administration to Copeland’s time at MU are Dr. Rita Smith Wade-El and Mr. Dwight Horsey.

“They motivated me to enhance my vocabulary and speaking skills, and also made sure that I understood the consequences and repercussions for my actions for which I would hold myself accountable,” says Copeland.

Throughout the remainder of the semester, students will be making their marks on the campus by attending their last organization/club meetings, events, and ceremonies as a student. Some of these students will be leaving their spot as chapter presidents, executive board members, and general board positions.

Students such as Senior History major Justin Fry, president of the Magic Players Club, will be making big moves after graduation to continue his education in History. Inspired by his first history professor, Dr. Ronald Frankum, Fry decided to take it a step further by making plans to enter himself in an M.A. into Ph.D. program at Binghamton University in New York.

“He was the first professor I had in the department when I decided to switch my major to History, he was so inspiring that it made me want to pursue my degree further to get my Ph.D.,” said Fry.

Fry’s contributions the organizations on campus have made his time worthwhile at MU. He still plans to attend a competition with MU’s magic club in Charlotte, NC the week following graduation. He wants future graduates to know that preparing for what’s to come after graduation is important and everyone should “have a plan,” said Fry.

With commencement right around the corner, seniors are getting their final plans in motion before May 7. Until then, the countdown begins while seniors hope for clear, and sunny skies for the big day. Copeland and Fry will leave with lasting memories and words of advice for their friends who currently remain as students at the ‘Ville.

Copeland said, “the people who work the hardest actually care; the people who care actually work the hardest.”