Kelsey Bundra


The Clery report and Title IX are policies implemented to promote safety on campus. Both the Clery report and Title IX requires institutions to report crime on their campuses with different stipulations. 

The Clery report requires federally funded institutions to provide timely warnings to the campus for crimes that have taken place within the confines of campus according to

“Timely warnings are used to warn campus that a crime occurred and there is a significant concern that a second crime or similar crime could occur to another student,” said Pete Anders, chief of Millersville University Police Department.

The timely warnings do not identify the victim of the crime. MUPD asks victims if they feel that other students are at risk by the same offender.  If the answer is yes, MUPD sends out a warning. This timely warning can come in many forms. Depending on the incident, timely warnings can be sent out in emails or posted in locations such as on campus and off campus housing and the SMC.

Title IX requires university policy to adhere to different policies regarding crimes. Title IX requires institutions to provide services to survivors of sexual assault. “Institutions must have a prompt and equitable process for resolving complaints,” according to

Title IX takes care of the disciplinary side of campus-related crimes, while the Clery report act ensures that institutions are informing students of potential danger.

“Our goal as a campus is to provide safety as a police department to be engaged with our students,” Anders said. “We also strive to be transparent about problems that exist and how we can improve them.”

The Clery report only extended to Millersville’s campus, including the Ware Center and the Philadephia satellite campus. Title IX extends the jurisdiction to beyond campus owned property. If students live off campus, they are still eligible for victim support under Title IX.

Any crime that happens off campus is to be reported to Millersville Bureau Police. Even Student Lodging apartments that have mainly student tenants are not under the jurisdiction of MUPD. MUPD does work closely with the Millersville Bureau Police Department to send out timely warnings. This is not required of them, but if MUPD feels a similar crime could happen to another student, they provide the timely warning.

“I encourage [students that are victims of crime off campus] to report to local police,” Anders said. From there, MUPD will suggest that students take advantage of resources available for them.

If the crime is of the dating violence nature, an investigation can be held if the crime took place on campus or off campus. It’s the victim’s choice. A judicial affairs investigation can take place under Title IX. If the incident happened off campus, the student can report to MUPD but MUPD does not have the jurisdiction for a criminal investigation. For a criminal investigation to take place, the student would have to report to local authorities if the incident happened off campus. Victims of sexual violence are never forced to go through with a prosecution.

“If you don’t want anything done, that’s OK,” Anders said.

Both the Clery report and Title IX are policies meant to promote a victim-centered approach for handling crime involving students.