New Politics and Rich Homie Quan rocks the stage at the ‘Ville

Lead singer of band New Politics, David Boyd, rocks the Millersville stage. (Kevin Kaiser/Snapper)

Katie Lundy

Staff Writer

Lead singer of band New Politics, David Boyd, rocks the Millersville stage. (Kevin Kaiser/Snapper)
Lead singer of band New Politics, David Boyd, rocks the Millersville stage. (Kevin Kaiser/Snapper)

At 8:30 p.m. Saturday evening, Millersville University was rocked at the Spring Concert with the alternative influences of New Politics and the rapping mixes of Rich Homie Quan and DJ Fresh.

New Politics, an alternative band from Copenhagen, Denmark and based in Brooklyn, New York opened the night off. They alternated between the music from their latest album, Vikings, and some of their older creations. Opening the night with “Kings and Queens,” New Politics began rocking the crowd immediately.

“Yea,” said freshman, Andrew Tepper, “I thought the concert was good. I wasn’t excited for either act, but thought they were much better live. In particular, New Politics.”

The band had a tendency to open their music with anecdotes. Relating to what music had influenced them in the past, New Politics broke out into their rendition of “Sabotage” by the Beastie Boys.

Playing such crowd favorites as “Girl Crush,” “50 Feet Tall” and “West End Kids,” the crowd took to dancing, jumping, and generally having a good time.

As the concert progressed, New Politics vocalist David Boyd performed a series of breakdances and backflips. During the peak of the concert, Boyd crowd surfed before standing on the hands of the audience. Singing “Fall Into These Arms” the audience was stilled in amazement of his vocal prowess and the sheer impact of the song.

Ending the night with the song, “Harlem,” New Politics helped to pump the crowd before wishing everyone an enjoyable rest of the concert.

“I thought New Politics was really good,” expressed senior, Ian Markey. “They had so much energy and did such a good job of hyping the crowd up. I was really impressed with the frontman’s breakdancing and crowd surfing.”

After a swift change by Tech Ops, the second part of the show commenced.

DJ Fresh opened the second part of the concert, hyping the audience for Rich Homie Quan’s entrance. As the lights dimmed, he opened up with a mix based on Foster the People’s “Pumped Up Kicks.” Millersville students who had previously been sitting in the stands ran down to the floor to dance as the beat started revving up.

Rich Homie Quan came onto the stage in applause. To start off his performance, he had a twerking dance to see how well female Millersville student could twerk. Picking from the audience, he and DJ Fresh had the ladies commence the competition.

“Unexpectedly, when Rich Homie Quan asked a few women onto stage, their safety was the first worry of the event staff, the [concert] committee and myself. Some girls were lifted onto stage over barriers, which made it a safety concern especially for those in heels,” stressed junior and concert committee member Maggi Mumma.

Approximately 1000 students attended the show. According to Mumma, ticket sales rocketed the day before the concert.

“If anyone wants to get involved with the concert, they should apply for the concert committee,” Mumma stated. She continued with how, if a student would like to have someone whose music they really enjoy, that joining the committee was the best way to have their voices heard.

Although contested by the student body beforehand due to the seemingly adverse musical styles, the concert seems to have been a hit. Perhaps due to the differences in music, this year’s concert pooled an impressive amount of people. Millersville students can only look forward to next year’s concert selection and the fun that’s sure to come.