By Maria Rovito

Well, here I am, finally writing my farewell article to both the Snapper and Millersville at the cusp of Summer 2016. Usually, graduating seniors will say their “thank you”s and “goodbye’s” in these articles—this is not that article. I’m the German Ice Queen. Ich habe keine Gefühle.
Do I begin with a Shakespearean quote? (Can’t seem to get away from that guy lately). Do I say to myself: “wow,” “golly gee,” or “what a ride”? Or do I start by saying my goodbyes to everyone?
The answer is, now is not the time for saying my goodbyes to the people who I respect so sincerely. Graduation isn’t your funeral, people. There will be more doors and opportunities opening up in the next few months that you must let go and release yourself into these new horizons.
These doors opened up to me when I was just a freshman at Millersville: during the very first semester of my journey at MU, these totally random people voted me in as webmaster, a position which was completely new and just taking off when I was voted in. I had no idea what I was doing, and I’m pretty sure no one else did either. As long as the website wasn’t a laughingstock to the university, I was all right. Eventually, I was voted in as managing editor, and I’ve been vice president for a little over two years.
Being a part of the Snapper helped me learn things about people that I wouldn’t have been exposed to if I weren’t involved at Millersville. Going on adventures to exotic places such as New York, New Orleans and Philadelphia (for free!) was a complete learning experience (especially running into Depeche Mode on the street in Times Square. Oh, you should all be jealous).
The people who I’ve worked with at the Snapper over the past four years have greatly influenced me, and I’m sure I’ve influenced them as well. (No more industrial music blasting in the office every day?! Don’t worry—you guys can still listen to my favorite Spotify playlist, “Crying on my Keyboard,” anytime you want).
I think I’ve worked with more communications/public relations majors at the Snapper than I can count. Usually, the first thing people notice about the office is, well…my outfit. (“Blue hair?” “Creepers?” “Isn’t this an office?”) While everyone else was worrying about professionalism, I was probably writing a poem or cracking a joke somewhere in the office. Guess what people? I will be goth/punk forever! I am just way too out of the box to work in a professional environment, and I think our society needs to realize that not everyone can conform to its strict expectations.
That being said, I have worked tremendously hard here at Millersville to prove my worth as a comparative literature major. (I think I get asked about once a day how much money comp. lit. majors make after graduation *sigh*). I am very proud to say that I have made Dean’s List consistently, completed an independent study, completed and successfully defended my honors thesis, and I will be attending the University of Maryland at College Park to attend graduate school for comparative literature in the Fall of 2016. I am extremely proud of myself for overcoming all the obstacles that were thrown at me.
Now for the sappy stuff. There are several professors I would like to thank for helping me get where I am now. Dr. Kasia Jakubiak of the English department has advised my independent study and my honors thesis, and she has greatly impacted the kinds of research I would like to study while in graduate school. Dr. Steve Miller has been my adviser since freshman year: without him, I don’t think I would have gotten into UMD. Also, Prof. Gene Ellis has always been there when I needed help, and he has always made the Snapper meetings fun and welcoming to go to.
Danielle Black has taught me pretty much everything I know about the Snapper, so without her I’m pretty sure we’d all be doomed. Alex Geli was honestly the nicest person I have ever worked with. Sam Valentin made me pee my pants on several occasions because, dang it, he is just too funny.
So as I wrap up my time here at Millersville, I bequeath the website and managing editor duties to Julia Snyder. One word of advice: don’t play with the JavaScript. Also, good luck (cause I guess you’ll need that, too).
Goodbye Marauders. Terps forever!