Field Hockey domination

Michella Salvitti

Staff Writer

As expected, the women’s field hockey team’s reputation precedes them as they kept Seton Hill off the scoreboard with a 3-0 win. At the end of the first half the Marauders had a 2-0 lead with goals scored by Erica Tarsi and Rachel Cox, both freshmen. As the second half came to a close, fellow freshmen Arianna Greys scored the third final goal.

Consistently throughout the game, the team showed strong stick work and accurate passing. In the sport of field hockey, not one player can win a game, it is the work of several athletes putting together a string of passes and successful dodges to work the ball up the field. With a total of 15 penalty corners and 18 shots on goal, they seemed to have worked together easily and naturally for an early season game. The women showed clear dominance with their crisp passes and playing a majority of the game on their attacking side of the fifty yard line.

Head coach Shelly Behrens was pleased with her team’s strong showing on Saturday. With league mandated water breaks because of the heat, she was proud of her their strong showing and shut out. When asked about what her team goals for this season were, she laughed and said “Anyone that knows me, knows not to ask that questions. The goal is to win a championship. We’re not out here to look pretty, that’s my job.” Behrens believes she has another dangerous team, and their ability to have 4 or 5 different scorers makes them that more unstoppable.